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    This is why every single Rabbi needs to encourage their congregants to carry. 

    And this is also why Jews need to stop voting for Democrats who are importing jihadis who hate them. 

    I really hope this doesn’t turn into a blood bath inside the synagogue and that SWAT is able to slaughter this jihadi before he slaughters everyone else.


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    Gee. I’m starting to think Islam hates Jews or something. 🙃


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    It’s a Muslim terrorist. It always seems to be the case. Doesn’t it?


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    “Police have reportedly begun negotiations with someone inside the synagogue believed to be a suspect.

    Amichai Stein from Kann reported that the gunman was demanding to meet with his sister, Pakistani Aafia Siddiqui, who is serving an 86-year prison sentence for killing an FBI agent. He also demanded she be released.” 


    Gunman at Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Texas is demanding the release of his sister, who is a convicted terrorist being incarcerated at Carswell Air Force Base.

    UPDATE: Synagogue Hostage situation in  

    • Started 3 hrs ago (11:30 am) 
    • At Beth Israel Synagogue, Colleyville
    • Police, FBI, SWAT on scene 
    • FBI negotiating now with the armed hostage taker 
    • Rabbi among those held 
    • Motif unclear 
    • Area evacuated


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