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    Everything that I have been telling all of you over the last year about Ron DeSantis was just re-confirmed and posted by Donald Trump himself onto his TruthSocial account. Ron DeSantis is DISLOYAL, and it looks like Donald Trump is going to expose him for who he truly is. Enjoy the show!

    GET HIS DISLOYAL ASS, TRUMP!!!! Let’s go!!!

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    Conservatives turn on Trump ...

    Oh please. Boo hoo. The traitors who are attacking Trump were never even MAGA to begin with. They are grifters who change their tune with the speed of the wind. 

    DeSantis takes shots at Trump all the time behind the scenes. Thanks to Ron DeSantis and his HUGE EGO, he pissed Trump off so badly before the primary in Florida, it was the only swing state Trump didn’t have a rally in ahead of  primaries. 

    DeSantis’s actions directly harmed America First candidates in the primary election because we didn’t get to have a pre primary Trump rally as a result of the Mar a Lago raid which DeSantis could have helped prevent if he truly wanted to…

    So these so called “conservative commentators” should save their  tears! They are behaving like traitors by attacking Trump for speaking truth. 

    Trump should put DeSantis in his place so he knows to never even dare to to even think about challenging Trump again. 

    Trump created DeSantis. Which means he can break him too if he doesn’t get in line.

    DeSantis for Governor 

    Trump for President

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    On Truth Social, President Trump just posted the video of Dave Rubin saying Ron DeSantis should run against Donald Trump in 2024, in which Megyn Kelly said DeSantis has no chance against Trump and how DeSAntis owes his political career to Trump. 

    The caption of the post is “I AGREE!”, in all caps.

    People would be wise to listen to me. I know what I’m talking about. DeSantis is trying to run against Trump, and Trump is now publicly acknowledging it.

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