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    announces is cutting ties with after Damascus recognized the independence of Lugansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic. 

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡Videos have emerged of Ukrainian POW officers giving a full instruction course to Russian intelligence officers on the use of and launchers from . We’re not gonna share the videos as these weapons are now circulating in Idlib because it is basically a fully fledged tutorial. We’re not gonna contribute to terrorists using it on Russian or Syrian forces.

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    Reports have emerged that Syrian military has now activated its S-300PMU-2 units. According to what we know, they likely rely on the older 48N6E2 missiles and not the updated variants, but it still gives them 200KM engagement range & covers airspace deep into Israel. The S300 missiles launched “at Israeli” airplanes appear to have been warning shots as they were fired ballistically — without a radar lock. 

    This may signal the long rumoured delivery of new fighter jets to the Syrian army, from Russia.

    These units were previously operated by Russia — not Syrian army. They have received extensive training for the S300 which went on for several years.


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    Waters of Shiloh -The prophet Isaiah reveals the coming judgment. While is not where they should be, the two nations of and would be removed. The is protecting and judging the nation from the invaders. Waters of Shiloh-Isaiah goes to the and she conceived. The Childs name, #Mahershalalhashbaz. The child is a sign to Judah of the coming judgment. While Judah has faced judgment, her enemies Syria and Samaria would face the brutal hand of judgment by the Lord God. He would send the #KingofAssyria against them.

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