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    Confronting Jack Dorsey at Bitcoin2021 Made it into Page 6 today. 

    I successfully forced the media to talk about censorship and publish it for millions of people to see all around the world.

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    I was at Mar a lago last night and had the opportunity to talk about the FL Big Tech bill with President Trump. I informed him that RINOS in the FL legislature like Rep. Blaise Ingoglia, the bill’s sponsor, are screwing him on the tech bill by not adopting the non controversial,  good governance amendments that I have proposed to them and worked on with my team for the last 3 months. I made sure President Trump is aware that the bill is NOT retroactive, and that it needs to be in order for Floridians to secure the integrity of our elections and prevent Big Tech election interference. 

    When I said the bill is not retroactive, President Trump seemed very surprised and concerned, because the bill without amendments will not protect him if he runs for President again in 2024, and it does not provide adequate protections for Floridian candidates, journalists, or citizens who get deplatformed for supporting Donald Trump, the MAGA agenda, and Governor DeSantis, the most popular governor in America. It also doesn’t protect my congressional campaign in Florida 21, the first deplatformed campaign in US history, and the only deplatformed campaign in the nation and Florida, currently. 

    Let’s hope the Republican legislators do the right thing in these next 24 hours and adopt the amendments before the close of the legislative session tomorrow. 

    There’s 24 hours left for the Republican controlled legislature to either make a strong tech bill out of HB 7013 and SB 7072, or a weak, do-nothing bill that lets all Floridians, all Republican candidates, Governor DeSantis, and President Trump down. 



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    President Trump was very impressed with the big tech rally we had in Palm Beach on Tuesday.

    I saw him last night and he said “keep up the great work”.

    We are all making a difference. And our voices are being heard. 

    Tucker brought national attention to the no fly list and now Trump has seen the videos and pics from our rally and is aware of the issues with the Big Tech Bill and the amendments we are fighting for. 

    He loves the rallies and Willy G and I told him we will be having many more to fight for free speech and rally against Big Tech! 

    Together we are going to

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    I had the honor along with Pro- Life activist Willy Guardiola to speak with President Donald Trump at Mar a Lago last night about our successful Big Tech rally at Trump Corner in Palm Beach, FL that we held yesterday regarding FL HB 7013, otherwise known as the Big Tech Bill. 🇺🇸 


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    In case you missed the Big Tech rally in Palm Beach, FL yesterday, you can watch it here:

    Thank you to RSBN for coming out to report on the rally! Especially since the local media was nowhere to be found! 


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