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  • BOOM! Days after Governor DeSantis was Asked about my video that showed immigrants being bussed into an extended stay hotel in Maitland Florida, the governor of Florida and the attorney general of Florida announced that they are taking action against the Biden administration for releasing illegal immigrants into Florida.

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    • Just imagine you guys. 

      When I’m elected to congress, this will literally be a daily event. 

      Take your pick of potential Loomerings with 434 other members of congress! We are going to bring ACCOUNTABILITY AND HONESTY to Washington DC!

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      • I agree Mr. President! That’s one of the reasons why I’m primarying do-nothing Republican Dan Webster in Florida’s 11th district! 

        He doesn’t believe the 2020 election was stolen. When asked about it at an event a few months ago by Seth Keshel, everyone in the room raised their hand besides Dan Webster and his congressional staff. 

        I am going to replace him when I beat him in the Florida Primary on August 23, 2022!

        • “Dan Webster, the congressman for Florida’s 11th district, who has held elected office since 1980, refused to acknowledge the widespread voter fraud that allowed the election to be stolen from President Donald J. Trump in 2020.”