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  • Just imagine you guys. 

    When I’m elected to congress, this will literally be a daily event. 

    Take your pick of potential Loomerings with 434 other members of congress! We are going to bring ACCOUNTABILITY AND HONESTY to Washington DC!

    • I agree Mr. President! That’s one of the reasons why I’m primarying do-nothing Republican Dan Webster in Florida’s 11th district! 

      He doesn’t believe the 2020 election was stolen. When asked about it at an event a few months ago by Seth Keshel, everyone in the room raised their hand besides Dan Webster and his congressional staff. 

      I am going to replace him when I beat him in the Florida Primary on August 23, 2022!

      • “Dan Webster, the congressman for Florida’s 11th district, who has held elected office since 1980, refused to acknowledge the widespread voter fraud that allowed the election to be stolen from President Donald J. Trump in 2020.”

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        • BOOM! Days after Governor DeSantis was Asked about my video that showed immigrants being bussed into an extended stay hotel in Maitland Florida, the governor of Florida and the attorney general of Florida announced that they are taking action against the Biden administration for releasing illegal immigrants into Florida.

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            BREAKING: My RINO opponent Daniel Webster in FL-11 voted for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. 

            This is one reason why I will be running against him again! 

            I will be the fighter the people in FL 11 deserve! 

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            I should have been on the ballot today, but thanks to widespread voter fraud in Florida, I am Not. 

            But soon the voters will realize my RINO primary opponent Daniel Webster never had an intention of serving them when he retires in the spring and abandons his constituents . 

            I told my voters in FL 11, vote straight  Republican, but DO NOT vote for Daniel Webster. In America, it’s an illusion of choice on S(election) Day. 

            I voted, but do I actually believe in the integrity of our elections here in FL? Absolutely not. I voted Republican because voting is a privilege, not because I’m very excited about what the GOP has to offer me or any other voter in my district, who will continue to be denied the representation and leadership they actually deserve. I actually fight for people. Sadly, the GOP can’t say the same. 

            Today I held my nose at the polls and took some pepto to quell my disgust with my own party.

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            I have credible sources (including current members of Congress) telling me what I have known all along, and been saying all along.  Do Nothing Daniel Webster will be abandoning the constituents of Florida’s District  11 within the next year. 

            He was never going to serve another term. It was always just about keeping me out to satisfy the establishment. 

            The good news is, I intend to stay and fight for the people of District 11. We all know who the true winner of the FL 11 primary election was.

            Let me say, I intend to win a second time.

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            Like I said… If RINOS in Florida want to keep denying that voter fraud took place in my election against Daniel Webster, I will be working with my grassroots election integrity volunteers and together we will expose all of the voter fraud taking place in Florida. 

            First up: Epoch Times

            Here’s your proof of election fraud in my primary! 

            We are just getting started! Time for the Governor and the AG to crack down on the real Voter fraud in Florida. 

            They can start with firing Republican SOE Alan Hays who is exposed in this article. 

            Let’s finally address voter fraud in Florida, where our elections are are RIGGED definitely NOT safe. 

            We don’t have elections in Florida. We have SELECTIONS. And I’m going to expose it all. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

            Actions speak louder than words.  

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            Dan Webster is too weak to show up for work. Meanwhile, the FBI is raiding the homes of residents in District 11 as I type this. 

            Everyone must resist Dan Webster and his selfishness. He cares more about his ego than the constituents of FL 11! As I said on the campaign trail: who do you want on the other end of the phone when the FBI comes knocking on your door? 

            Me, or Do nothing Dan?

            Dan Webster is unworthy of having anyone’s support.  

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            Be like Donald Trump. 

            Refuse to concede to the election fraud machine!

            “We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn't happen. You don't concede when there's theft involved.” — President Donald Trump

            January 6, 2021 



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