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    NOW - 's trucker convoy has arrived near Parliament Hill in , blaring their honks in protest of the government's Covid and vaccine mandates. 

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    NOW - Violent protests against in , Netherlands. Sounds of explosions and gunfire. 

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    apan’s government announced Tuesday that the coronavirus state of emergency will end this week to help rejuvenate the economy as infections slow.

    Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said the emergency will end Thursday and virus restrictions will be eased gradually “in order to resume daily lives despite the presence of the virus." He said the government will create more temporary COVID-19 treatment facilities and continue vaccinations to prepare for any future resurgence.

    “Our fight against the coronavirus is now entering a new phase," Suga said. “Finally, we can see social and economic activities starting to normalize.” 

    Joe Biden and Fauci are still advocating for more mandates and lockdowns. 

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