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    VIDEO: Seattle-Area School Board Defends Segregating Student Meetings by Skin Color

    Board president defended the decision from critics, saying that for “people of color,” being “surrounded by other people similar to them, makes it easier.”


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    Anti-Defamation League sparks backlash after changing definition of 'racism' on website: 'Racial hierarchy that privileges white people'


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    Why is race deemed “critical“ if it is the one aspect of a person he or she cannot control? Holding a person accountable to something beyond one’s control is the opposite of empowering, in fact it’s rather shaming. Moreover, CRT has been around since the 1980s. What happened to make it experience such a resounding comeback in 2019?

    Despite rabid media support, the Occupy movement collapsed under the weight of people realizing the prospect of upward mobility, human aspiration, and the realization that self-determination is far more rewarding than retribution. Occupy didn’t take. So the Left needed another plan. In other words, instead of swimming against the current of the human spirit, the Left needed a way to create an impression of permanent class struggle, so racial strife became the new weapon of choice. 

    Ccritical race theory exploded on the scene because African-American unemployment decreased to an all-time low under President Trump. A self-sufficient, independent minded, and financially successful African-American population is too much for the Left to withstand, so as this prospect inched closer to realization, something had to be done. Self-determination is a major obstacle to the adoption of the socialist movement.

     Something many people forget is that when Dr. Martin Luther King delivered his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech, he did so at the “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” King saw employment as the road to self-determination and liberty. But now we are supposed to believe that destroying businesses and offering cash incentives not to work are even better than economic freedom. And the Left refers to themselves as progressive without a hint of irony.

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    Anti-white racism is fast becoming the norm globally. 

    A licensing department official has come under fire for his alleged racist rant against a client in Bedfordview, west of Ekurhuleni, South Africa.

    The city of Ekurhuleni said in a statement on Tuesday that it was aware of the video, saying the matter is taken seriously and an investigation has been instituted.

    Motivational speaker Gavin Sharples, who intervened after witnessing the incident, told TimesLIVE on Tuesday that he went to the licensing   department on May 20 to renew his driver's licence.

    Sharples said he witnessed an official "berating, insulting and humiliating" a young man who was there for his learner's or driver's licence.

    He said the official started shouting at the young man, telling him he was doing him "a favour" by speaking in English.

    The official also told the young man that he did not understand English and that he should speak in his mother tongue.

    Sharples said the man was heard saying "you white people need to learn your own language".

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