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    Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?

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    834 unaccompanied migrant children were encountered at the southern U.S. border on Wednesday. The highest daily number on record.

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    Texas Governor signs executive order BANNING transporting of illegal aliens . Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs executive order BANNING bussing of migrants away from border after crossings caused 'dramatic rise in COVID cases'

    • Under the new order only law enforcement officials can transport migrants
    • Those who crossed the border illegally and have been released into the interior by Border Patrol will not be able to use any other form of ground transpot
    • Abbott cited the Delta variant and Biden's 'failure' to enforce Title 42
    • Title 42 was put in place by the CDC during the Trump administration as a way to slow the spread of COVID by allowing CBP to turn migrants away at the border 
    • Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Tuesday gave the Texas National Guard members state arrest authority for migrants at the border  
    • He said the order is another attempt to 'secure the rule of law at our southern border' with 'more manpower'  
    • La Joya Police said a migrant family was 'apprehended by Border Patrol days prior and were released because they were sick with Covid-19'  
    • This report and others caused a county judge to demand Biden stop allowing federal agencies to release COVID-infected migrant into Texas communities


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    Biden's plan to repel a Cuban exodus: Administration will deploy a 'robust' presence' to the Florida Straits if refugees start fleeing communist nation and 'will send them back'

    • A senior Biden official told Reuters on Thursday that the U.S. government is prepared if there is a mass exodus of Cubans fleeing the island 
    • The official said the administration of President Joe Biden will have a 'robust presence' in the Florida Straits to encounter Cuban migrants fleeing on rafts U.S.
    • Coast Guard data shows 536 Cubans have been stopped in the middle of the sea since October 1, 2020, the start of the current fiscal year
    • President Obama's January 2017 executive decision ended the 'wet foot, dry foot' policy that granted permanent residency to Cubans reaching the U.S. 
    • Cubans are permitted to apply for residence one year after they enter the U.S. legally 
    • The policy is in stark contrast to what's happening on the southern U.S. border, where people can be reunited with family members while asylum cases play out 

    Migrant arrests at the southern border rise for the SIXTH month in a row under Biden: Guards caught 188,000 crossing in June - and 2.3 MILLION are projected to arrive by the end of 2021

    • Customs and Border Protection stats say a million have crossed since October.
    • CBP revealed that 188,829 migrants were stopped at the southwest border in June, the sixth monthly increases since the start of 2021
    • It was also another increase on the 180,641 who were apprehended in May 
    • These statistics just account for the apprehensions, and doesn't include the migrants who cross undetected 
    • According to reports that is up to 1,500 people every day 
    • It is still not immediately clear where exactly these asylum seekers and illegal crossers are being sent 
    • There also appears to be no available statistics on how many immigrants who are encountered and taken into custody are sent back to Mexico 

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    When confronted by our deployed Florida law enforcement at the southern border, roughly 70% of illegal border crossers said that Florida was their ultimate desired destination.

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