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    🇺🇸🇺🇦 The United States provided with some information that allegedly allowed Kyiv to strike at the Russian cruiser ""

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦 The Russian cruiser "Moskva" sinking is western media News" any sighted "journalist" would have spotted the issues immediately and this story would never have made it to print.

    The Russian Missile cruiser "Moskva"

    The ship sinking has the heliport on the front where the Moskva's heliport is on the rear. 

    The "Moskva" is a Russian "Missile" cruiser. The sinking ship has no missile launchers. 

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    🇷🇺 Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Nikolai Evmenov and the command of the Black Sea Fleet held a meeting with the crew of the guards missile cruiser Moskva in Sevastopol

     At the meeting, the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Admiral Evmenov, informed the crew of the cruiser that officers, midshipmen and sailors would continue to serve in the Navy

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    🇷🇺🇺🇦 The first footage of the explosion of the cruiser Moskva, filmed by an on-board video surveillance camera, appeared on the network. 

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    During the towing of the cruiser "Moskva" to the port of destination, the ship lost its stability due to damage to the hull received during the fire from the detonation of ammunition. Ship sank in stormy sea conditions - Ministry of Defense.

    The crew of the cruiser was evacuated to the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in the area.


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    Moskva missile cruiser reached Sevastopol port on its own means

    Pentagon confirms ship did not sink

    Pentagon: “We assess that the ship is able to make its own way, and it is doing that; it's heading more towards now we think the east. We think it's probably going to be putting in at Sevastopol for repairs, but we don’t know what exactly caused that,” Kirby added.

    Kirby said the ship had been operating with a few other Russian vessels about 60 miles (about 96 kilometers) south of Odesa.

    "The explosion was sizable enough that we picked up indications that other naval vessels around her tried to come to her assistance, and so eventually that wasn’t apparently needed. So she is making her own way across the Black Sea and we’ll continue to try and monitor this as best we can," he added.

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