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    (Kanye West): "What does Putin say about America's value system?" 

    Nick : "He () said that we have totally abandoned traditional values, traditional faith and that we've actually embraced full on satanism. And he's totally right."

    Alex : "Well that's true, America's embracing satanism."

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    WATCH: Laura , the “Most Banned Woman In The World”, makes a plea from ’s cell phone, on speaker phone, LIVE on Alex ’s show on Infowars, the most banned network in the world, to Elon to restore all banned accounts on .

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    Laura talks to , Alex and Nick about why she will fight to make sure YE’s right to free speech is protected.

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    At noon EST today, Ye Is going LIVE in the studio with Alex on I#nfowars in Austin, Texas. 

    Sources close to told me Ye plans on buying his first pair of cowboy boots in Austin, Texas today.

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