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    This is one of Nikki Fried’s recent campaign Tik Tok videos. 

    With a video like this (looks like an ONLY FANS AD) and the camera angle focused on her breasts, you’d think she was running for a position at her local strip club or some South Florida Middle Aged escort service… not for Governor of Florida.

    It doesn’t get any nastier than this. I’ll be sticking with our highly capable, meritorious *male* Governor of Florida. Thank you very much.


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    Democratic NJ governor tells conservatives to 'shove their thoughts and prayers' you know where in emotional tirade against gun rights


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    👀✨ of the Pt1 True Foundation

    The Day of the Lord finds a laid is to be sure and certain. Further it has a chief cornerstone to the wall which the builders are laying. [ ] is that stone which the builders rejected. Further Isaiah twenty-eight and verse sixteen says "I lay in for a , a #triedstone, a #preciouscornerstone, a #surefoundation." These words were spoken by our Lord in Matthew chapter twenty-one and verses forty-two through forty-four. This foundation follows this week's portion of a new study into the #DayoftheLord. While world and the #nationsofmen have their own ideas of a #surefoundation, it will not fare well when rebelling against the #Lord. Along with this comes the #Mysteryofiniquity, delusion, and judgment. The cure is simple, although the price of pride and rejection is lethal. Therefore seek ChristOurFoundation

    Listen now, continue to post:

    #holyspirit #christianity #Redeemed #Chosen #yeshua #repent #salvation #jesuschrist #jesussaves #jesuslovesyou #jesusislord hamassiach #jesusistheway #spiritualwarfare #prayer 

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