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    Since over 50% of refuse to fight these Tyrants I DAILY when I wake up CRY out to Almighty God for His Divine WRATH & JUDGMENT ON AMERICA!  SUFFER LIKE I HAVE TO SUFFER!

    VIDEO: the (Unelected by the way) Admits to Strangling Humanity Into Submission with and

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    🇨🇳🇺🇲 has shown evidence of "thousands of " by the US National Security Agency on a Chinese university in a new report.

    These attacks were discovered to have been carried out by the NSA-affiliated Special Access Operations Authority (TAO), which identified vulnerabilities and operational errors during the attack.

    The technical analysis showed that the cyberattackers' working hours, language and demeanor, and skipping transactions also revealed their links to TAO. The report says that the true identities of 13 attackers have been established.

    The report revealing the details of the cyberattacks on a Chinese university was released to invite countries around the world to unite and effectively detect and prevent cyberattacks by the .

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    "The level of attack Mike Lindell is getting is far greater than anything I've ever experienced." - Brannon Howse on the cyberattacks Frank Speech is facing


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