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    🇦🇹🇷🇺 began to pay for gas according to the scheme.  The first payment to with subsequent conversion into rubles has already been received from the Austrian operator.

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    JUST IN - Federal Council of passed the law on compulsory vaccination of the adult population against Covid by a vote of 47-12. 

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    JUST IN - Compulsory vaccination in starts at the beginning of February for all citizens over 18, fines up to a maximum total of 3,600 euros from mid-March.

    Chancellor Nehammer claims vaccination is "the best guarantee to live in freedom," at a press conference. This final draft law for compulsory vaccination will be sent to Austria's National Council next week.

    Pregnant women, recently recovered persons, and persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons are exempt from compulsory vaccination. No prison penalties. Thus, the more wealthy can "buy their way out." 

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    JUST IN - "There is no alternative to the compulsory vaccination" of the general population in , confirm health minister Mückstein and constitution minister Edtstadler (Krone) 

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    JUST IN - New probe against , this time for corruption, embezzlement, and bribery.

    Investigators of the public prosecutor's office have seized materials in the chancellery, in the party headquarters, in the Ministry of Finance, and in a media house. Kurz rejects the accusations. 

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