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    At least 8,700 vaccinated people have tested positive for COVID-19, according to department spokesperson Abigail Barker.

    A tiny fraction of vaccinated New Yorkers have tested positive for COVID-19 as infections and hospitalizations rise, the state Department of Health told The Associated Press Tuesday.

    That’s out of the nearly 11 million New York residents who are fully vaccinated.

    NPR reports that: COVID-19 cases are particularly surging in areas of low vaccination. More than 97% of people entering hospitals right now are unvaccinated.

    The vaccines save lives.

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    AP and other media outlets are doing major disinformation to try and discredit the massive number of voter irregularities and fraud found in both Arizona and Georgia. When the real numbers are released people will be shocked, but this is a concerted effort of the Fake News Media to discredit and demean. There has never been anything like it. Numbers will be released shortly, and they are extraordinarily big and highly determinative!

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