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    Facebook's META hits the streets in San Francisco - The Future of Computing

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    Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Named in Suit by Washington, D.C., Attorney General.

    The District of Columbia’s attorney general is seeking to hold FacebookInc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg personally liable in a lawsuit stemming from the 2018 Cambridge Analytica scandal, in what the district said was a novel legal action against the social-media giant.

    Attorney General Karl Racine said Wednesday he filed a motion to add Mr. Zuckerberg as a defendant in a consumer-protection lawsuit originally filed in December 2018 accusing Facebook of misleading its users about the privacy and security of their personal data. His office said it was the first time a U.S. regulator has specifically named Mr. Zuckerberg in a complaint.

    Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said the “allegations are as meritless today as they were more than three years ago, when the District filed its complaint.

    “We will continue to defend ourselves vigorously and focus on the facts,” he said.

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    The Intercept has published a leaked list of Facebook Dangerous Individuals and Organizations.

    This is a reproduction of an internal list used to regulate speech on company platforms. This snapshot of the list has been lightly edited for clarity. Notes associated with the entries were included where relevant. The Intercept is publishing the list because of public concerns about the bias in Facebook’s moderation so that readers may draw their own conclusions about the quality of that moderation. The information contained in the list, including the purported activities, designations, and affiliations of the named people and groups, comes from Facebook, not . The Intercept has not verified that information and does not intend its reporting to make any assertion regarding the accuracy of the information contained in Facebook’s list.


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    independent fact-checkers go for lunch 

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    NEW - "whistleblower" reportedly has ties to the group behind Trump’s first impeachment and Jen Psaki’s former PR firm.