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    NEW - NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant now says, "it may be that we'd actually have indoor mask wearing... for years" 

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    JUST IN - Australia: Queensland Police to be suspended without pay if they don't get a COVID-19 vaccine within the next two weeks. 

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    NEW - Clashes have broken out between police and anti-lockdown protesters at the Shrine of Remembrance War Memorial in Melbourne, Australia. Over 200 arrests have been reported. 

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    28 Day Quarantine for South Australian Olympians Lacks Science and Common Sense. 

    The AOC says the South Australian Government's decision to ignore expert medical advice and the decision of National Cabinet by imposing a 28 day period for returning Australian Olympians poses a significant mental health risk for those athletes.

    The fully vaccinated Australian Olympic Team has returned home and is currently undergoing the mandatory quarantine arrangements at hotels and facilities around Australia, as any other Australian is required to do. No special treatment has been sought.

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    Facebook vs Australia: Social Media giant plays hardball & steps in it's own excrement. 

    Looks like Zuckerberg figured if it could take down a Super Power President, why not an entire country! 

    "It didn’t just block content from news pages: Australian users woke up Thursday to find the accounts of fire and emergency services, domestic violence charities, and government health agencies affected, too. Facebook is reinstating pages that it didn’t intend to block, but the initial response will be costly for the company." 

    Side note: Not to ignore the UK is censoring the hell of it's own peoples; they just don't want BigTech telling THEM what to do.