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Devin Nunes Discusses TruthSocial

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'What the f*** is going on?': Donald Trump is 'complaining about lackluster Truth Social rollout' and 'wants to know why his app isn't dominating the charts'

  • Truth Social shot to the top spot in Apple's App Store when it debuted in Feb
  • As of Monday morning it had dropped to 118th in download popularity 
  • An attempt to sign on by ends at a waitlist 584,200 spots long
  • Saturday data analysis shows users spending far less time on Truth Social than other right-wing social media sites like Gab and Gettr
  • A mobile app expert predicted to the day after the app's launch that Trump will 'pack up his bags, and so too will the remaining platform users'
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Trump will launch his new social media platform TRUTH on February 21, Presidents Day, after being valued at $5.3 billion

  • App Store listing shows Donald Trump's social media app will launch on Feb 21 
  • His company's share price rose on the news, valuing it at $5.3 billion
  • Trump has harbored plans since being banned by Facebook and Twitter last year
  • The app is the first phase of a media venture which will include a video platform


Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Rumble's parent company Cantor Fitzgerald, stated on Monday that they have worked out a distribution deal with Donald Trump's planned "Truth" social media platform.

"Truth and the 45th president are going to use Rumble's infrastructure, their technology, their cloud distribution capability, so they are going to be a service provider, a tech provider to the president's Truth Social," Lutnick told interviewer John Bachman on his "John Bachman Now" show.

apps are expected to be available on February 21, 2022

The SctreetLoc Android app is available on Google Play here:

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TRUTH Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology

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