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    Video: , millions of you NOT the are the only ones to bring real justice! Do it before you have a need like this & no one there to help!

    The Scream Heard Around The World- They Murdered My Father, They Injected Him With ” #Remdesivir (Show this to the Swaggarts, they will ignore us!)


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    25 Years Ago, January 28, 1998 - the man who helped with later Junior Bush with the Inside Job of 9-11-01 still " refuses to prosecute this evil man & Junior Bush! Klinton did not have sex with that woman! #BillClinton #Clinton #Klinton #MonicaLewinsky https://youtu.be/_aGbdni7QNs

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    With this kind of injustice in America, I'm thinking  really don't need government. At all! Lying, cheating, theft, child rape and murder = US Government...

    It's like the 'Joker' said. "This town needs an enema"!..

    Well, in reality, it's God we need. There is no substitute.  


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    Despite centuries of abuse and each generation’s successful encroachment on its idealized limitation, there is no better document than the Constitution to provide an outline for human governance. Benjamin Franklin noted that there were many compromises to get there, and while he didn’t love it, he also wasn’t sure there was something better. I can live with that assessment. After all, nothing in this world is perfect, there are always trade-offs, and flawed humans will at best produce flawed products. Is that so difficult to understand? Naysayers can find flaws within the Constitution and the rollout of the Republic, but can they produce an entire alternative whose end result stands above it? What would they hand us, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s South African model? 

    It is clear that the system is broken. The CDC has no real authority, and yet we allowed it to stay evictions. The Department of Labor likewise has no real authority, and yet the White House circumvented laws and morality to make it the executor of a vaccine mandate. This is not new; Roe vs. Wade found the right to privacy within the Constitution, which, through penumbral reasoning, also meant murdering unwanted babies was an extension of that aforementioned right. More recently, Obamacare was granted permission because it was construed as a tax rather than a mandate. By that logic, it seems like paying a penalty for not having the Covid vaccine is just weeks away.

    Nonetheless, a broken system does not indicate a faulty design. The document did not fail us; human nature did.

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    #trusttheplan #epsteindidntkillhimself #followthewhiterabbit #sheepnomore #digitalsoldiers first #clintonbodycount #pizzagateisreal #wearethenewsnow #chan #newworldorder #qanonarmy #painiscoming #freedom #godwins #hisnamewassethrich america #unitednotdivided #pro #nwo #thebaqery

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