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The POTUS is under the greatest hunt of our lives

Justin Trudeau has pics in black face, apologizes and of course all forgiven. The governor of Virginia same thing still in office. Remind me again who the racists are? Oh and still crickets on Ed Buck who had 2 black men die near him ans almost a 3rd. But yeah there's no smoke

So called journalists have to get past the "well the mother's,  brother's, mechanic's cousin's, maid's, hairdresser's, gardener told me so it's the gospel" bullshit

Well looky here the newest allegation on Kav has the alleged victim not remembering that occurring. And the authors knew it. Disgusting isn't strong enough to describe this. If he can sue i hope he does. A letter to the Great Pumpkin is  more credible than the New York Times. SMH

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So was told about this on Twitter thought I'd check it out

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