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  • 1st thing I did this morning was open the blinds & thanked God for waking me to another amazing day - praying for a little more rain, cuz yesterday's storm was exciting with lightning & thunder...something we rarely get. But if not, so very thankful for what we got yesterday!   🙏

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    • Oh, but a few have come quite close. I thank God for His existence each & every day & night.  

      • Thanks John, I was lead to Ephesians 4 and Galatians 6. We must be careful in our words when discussing troubles befalling our brothers in Christ. I was also lead to reading Matthew 10:17-25. You did well .... 

        • He has awakened me to a beautiful day which is clouding over & I'm praying for rain!  🙏

          • So hard to do. Thank you for this - I needed it. I'll remember this when I start feeling guilt & shame for things I've done. I ask forgiveness every night, but mostly for what I did so long ago. He knows me - He knows my life & my wrongdoings, my sins against Him. I have Faith in His Divine Forgiveness, but I just can't shake the guilt. Again, thank you - I really did need to see this today.  🙏

            • Have a bywaagefr8kxehlc9j4q7pkfvqshvvqa7.gifsed & peaceful night, my friend in Christ.🙏