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    Tue 9Aug22 David Knight Show PODCAST

    Unashamed Corruption in : 's DOJ No Longer Cares Even About Appearances

    ExecOrder that turned thousands of law-abiding citizens into felons, now challenged in court

    Biden's new IRS army of 87,000 — what's he up to?

    Baby Coffins: predictive programming, a decade before plandemic, TV doctor shamed mother for NOT vaccinating her baby

    Congress passes tax credit for EVs that don't exist and won't exist

    DeSantis removes official who defies laws on abortion & gender policies. Now newspaper demands he remove Sheriffs who don't enforce federal gun policy

    Maine family discovers $BILLIONS in lithium on their property. Govt blocks extraction

    INTERVIEW: How to Make Crypto Private. As feds rush to CBDC to replace cash, they are building an infrastructure to attack crypto. Lootz joins to talk about Pirate Chain and Monero and the state of crypto

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