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    Another name for "woke" is "warped," or better yet, "perverse."  A recent book, Vivek Ramaswamy's Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America's Social Justice Scam (New York and Nashville, 2021), addresses that perverse privileging of special identity groups and of the influence that accrues to these so-called "stakeholders."

    At the beginning, Ramaswamy declares that he considers wokeness a "social justice scam."  By "scam," the author implies a quid pro quo on the part of those radicals who, in return for grants, positions, access, honors, and sometimes outright graft, agree to withhold their accusations of wrongdoing from various politicians, corporate leaders, foundations, and wealthy individuals.  Those who fail to pony up are charged with any number of crimes against "the oppressed," who then parlay their supposed weakness into a frightful strength that shifts the onus of truth onto the accused and renders them virtually impregnable.  So powerful is that shield of weakness that few entities or individuals dare attempt to defend themselves against their woke accusers.  Rather, they stay silent and pander, however fraudulent and unfair the accusations may be.

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    In 1900, the USA had the largest economy in the world; its technical and production capabilities were unrivaled.  The corporate structure had been defined in the previous few decades, and each company knew where their lines in the market were delineated.  Growth was reasonable but expansion was limited by the size of our market. The only bubble was a war against Muslims in far-off Asia.

    We provided the know-how to our alleged greatest enemy.   The academics and other simpletons jumped aboard the socialist nirvana train to nowhere and spent 75 years lying cheating and stealing to advance an aborted idea.  Big business, of course, knew better and laughed at the leftist dogma proclaiming Russia was leaving us behind with a superior system.  The profits of course, continued to flow. The Russian Communist empire imploded due to its inefficiency caused by political and cultural stagnation.

    Today we have China in the identical position of dependence on our technologies. Anthony Sutton predicted this predicament thirty years ago. We created our new rival by greed and lack of foresight.  The lure of a billion customers is incredibly strong, but ultimately self-defeating as offshoring jobs has destroyed our manufacturing base.  This problem started with simple telephone systems and now includes all electronics and rocket technology. Every part of our government has been infiltrated by the Chinese.  The academics have been purchased as well, using the Confucius Institute for infiltration of our colleges.

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