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    🇺🇦🇮🇱 The asks to disclose intelligence about 's military support for Russia, - Axios, citing senior Israeli officials. 

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    Video 1 shows strength of explosion of ” kamikaze drone (OSINT’s favourite ‘game changer’ for Ukrops last month, that’s gone quiet now) vs video 2: Russian KUB-BLA Zala Kalashnikov kamikaze explosion

    🔥The work of the MTR of to prevent an attempted breakthrough in the village of Pavlovka, near the Donetsk region. May 8, 2022. The blow was inflicted by the UAV-kamikaze "Cube", objective control is carried out from the UAV "ZALA", the loss of the enemy amounted to 9 people.

    Subsequently, the Ukrainian side was driven out of the village. The number of the enemy during the offensive attempt was up to 150 people from volunteer battalions.

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    🇺🇸Pentagon: The US will supply Ukraine with drones designed specifically for the country.

    New drones that explode on impact.

    The new drone that will soon head to the region, called Phoenix Ghost, is a previously-unknown design that “was developed rapidly by the Air Force” after discussions with Ukrainian troops about what kinds of weapons they need, the second official said.

    It is roughly similar to the Switchblade drone already being sent to Ukraine, in that it is capable of surveillance but ultimately used to crash into a target and explode on impact, the officials said. Such “tactical drones” are useful in destroying high-value targets because they fly directly into them.

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