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    CNN Exec thinks the United States government would be better off if it were run by the NFL in response to their handling of COVID-19 "If the NFL was running the government, then things would probably be in much better shape than they are..."

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    CNN Senior Vice President Cynthia Hudson Demeans Marginalized Community; 

    States She's TERRIFIED That Cubans Support Trump "The Cubans are going to vote for Trump, and that's terrifying"

    "I have to say, there a population that's very attracted to bullies.


    Added a video   to  , CNNTapes
    Added a video   to  , CNNTapes

    CNNPR has just informed Project Veritas that the executive on this tape is in fact their GENERAL COUNSEL David Vigilante, not Marcus Mabry. As if that somehow makes it better for them... We apologize for the misidentification. 

    CNN Vice President of Global Programming @MarcusMabry SLAMS Fox News Tucker Carlson as Racist “I think it’s unavoidable that you have to talk about the naked racism of Tucker Carlson…Sort of the “White Supremacy Hour” they have on Fox News every night…”


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    Jeff Zucker CNN President BLASTS Trump & Republicans on 9am Call with Senior Leadership 'He (Donald Trump) is acting erratically...

    I think we need to lean into that...' “If we’ve made any mistake, its been our banners have been too polite…”


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    Special Correspondent Jamie Gangel Details How CNN Should Cover Up Trump’s Contested Election Claims On 9am Call 

    “News organizations have to be very careful & very responsible about not giving Donald Trump too much of a platform on his not conceding...” 

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