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    “Every man has his price” (Walpole, 1734) — an utterance on the lips of both despots and saints, past and present, eager to embrace or repel tyranny. The observation has the ring both of a universal truth and a hasty generalization.

    The competitively compliant masses, armed with faculties of reason effectively effaced, are all too happy to publicly signal their subservience and submit their civil and human rights to a technocratic global lordship consolidating the kind of control and power that will remain, forevermore, impervious to any challenge. How observable facts such as these elude the notice of so many people today is covered, most notably, in a popular university course in propaganda at New York University.

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    MEDIA YOU DISGUST US!!! WHY don't you Tell the TRUTH!!! OUR President doesn't NEED MONEY - this 

    would have been wayyyyyyy cheaper!!!! HEY MEDIA, WHY DON'T YOU WORK FOR FREE!!! 


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    Looks like its GAME-OVER for U.S. POLITICAL MEDIA voter influence! They've lost the trust of key Independent & Unaffiliated Voters. They now only carry Democrats - and by a single point. 

    Screenshot from Crosstabs.