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What’s For Dinner
Grilled Burger (Ninja Foodi Smart Grill) with Butter Sautéed Vegetables#whatsfordinner #keto #healthyeats #healthymito
What’s For Dinner
Iron Skillet Grilled Steak and Kale And Cabbage Salad with Pecans.#whatsfordinner #keto #healthyeats #healthymito
What’s For Lunch
La Banderita Low Carb Tortilla with Boar’s Head Deli Tavern Ham and Deli Rotisserie Chicken, spiced up with dijon mustard and horseradish, Crispy Pepperoni (microwaved), and Butter Sautéed Bok Choy.#whatsforlunch #keto #healthyeats #healthymito
Post-Workout Keto Breakfast
#whatsforbreakfast Post-workout keto breakfast.When you can’t decide on keto pumpkin custard or keto pumpkin bread… you just have both! Throw in some bacon and keto ham, chicken, and vegetable quiche and you’ve got a delicious, filling, muscle building, health-promoting breakfast. And the most important part, it all tastes GREAT!#keto #healthyeats #healthymito #pumpkin #fall #postworkout
Grilled Chicken with Snow Peas
sleepy joe wants to give business the right to choose whether or not they require vaccines. this is UNACCEPTABLE !! how DARE they try to give business owners the right to chose their own policies. frankly, this is disgusting. my body, my choice. just like abortions, getting the vaccine should not be mandatory, you should be allowed to CHOOSE. being able to decide whether or not you’re putting lives at stake is YOUR DECISION, not SLEEPY JOE.
Let's Go Brandon - Sam I am
I do not likeyour mental haze.I do not likeyour leftist waysI do not likeyour son on blow.I do not likeyou sleepy Joe.
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are blessed by Pope John Paul
Maxwell, 58, is facing a six-week trial in New York over allegations of abuse, procurement of young women, and trafficking crimes. She denies all the charges. If found guilty, she may be sentenced to over 80 years in jail.Ghislaine Maxwell attends Chelsea Victoria Clinton's wedding.Prince Andrew pictured with Ghislaine Maxwell, early 2001 while hugging Virginia Roberts.Prince Andrew is pictured with paedophile businessman Jeffrey Epstein as the men stroll around Central Park in December 2010.
CNN Unveil new Press Pool Vehicles - Red Ford Escape
CNN Unveil new Press Pool Vehicles - Red Ford Escape#Waukesha #Wisconsin
CNN: There's nothing more frightening than an angry white man
CNNRace is an inescapable theme that runs through all the trials. At the center of each are White men who are accused of using unjustified violence, either against an unarmed Black man or during racial protests. In Rittenhouse's case, a jury cleared him of criminal wrongdoing. It's what's happening outside these courtrooms, though, that is most frightening. It suggests these trials are a symptom of a dangerous shift.CNN is driving a Red Ford Escape against White Americans, they are as guilty as the killers for brining racial tensions to the boil.#Waukesha #Wisconsin
Liberal Media Pick Dream Team to Beat Trump in 2024 - Chris Christie and running mate Liz Cheney
Liberal Media have picked Chris Christie's running mate for 2024and the winner is Liz Cheney as his VP #ChrisChristie #LizCheney #Trump
The Build Back Better Bill Passed During Joe Biden's colonoscopy.
The Build Back Better Bill passed During Joe Biden's colonoscopy. #colonoscopy #LetsGoBrandon
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