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Japan Hits Russia’s Kurile Island in Coordination with NATO and Zelensky Regime
Japan launched a military operation to return the Kuril Islands. Japanese troops have already landed on the territory of the Kuriles.There are fierce battles, these Japanese do not spare anyone.The Southern Kurils — or Chishima Retto, known as the Northern Territories in Japan — are a small segment of Russia’s Far-Eastern Sakhalin region. Both Russia and Japan claim sovereigntyover the islands as they are located in the Sea of Okhotsk between northern Hokkaido and southern Kamchatka.#Japan #KurilIslands #Russia 
Ukrainian troops attacked Kramatorsk with Tochka-U according to Russia
The DPR reports that Ukrainian troops attacked Kramatorsk with Tochka-U, debris fell near the station, there are casualties among civilians🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡ Photo No. 1 Rocket of the Tochka U complex, which is in service with Ukraine Photo #2 Fragments of a rocket that fell in Kramatorsk. Photo No. 3 Rocket of the Iskander complex.🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡The Ministry of Defense denied Russia's involvement in the attack on Kramatorsk:All statements by representatives of the Kiev nationalist regime about the “rocket attack” allegedly carried out by Russia on April 8 at the railway station in the city of Kramatorsk are a provocation and are absolutely untrue. On April 8, the Russian armed forces did not have any fire mission
Get Paid to Stop Using Facebook and Join StreetLoc
FACEBOOK wants to pay users to deactivate their accounts for one to six weeks as part of a social experiment. The social media giant is willing to pay Facebook and Instagram users.Facebook is offering people the opportunity to join a survey in which they may offer to pay you to stop using Facebook and to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account for one month.  If accepted Facebook will give you a random offer of between USD $1 - $500 to stop using Facebook. The Program started on March 14 2022 and will end on April 7 2022 (the "Survey Period").During that time you can join StreetLoc, reboot your Social Media and experience the freedom you deserve!Facebooks Valuation Research Terms and Co
Race in America
Why is this an issue in America? I’m sorry but however you feel, I believe America was never about race. It’s about freedoms, liberties, and its constant quest to assure all Americans possess those concepts.So, we had a civil war & some say it was all about race or northern business interests. Obviously, if you’re a surface dweller it’s logical. If you are a deep diver, you realize it was always about assuring all Americans possess those concepts. The concept of America is “all men are created equal,” so forgive their gender transgression. The simple reality based on the concept of America is that people were not being considered equal. At the time the govt made that very clear, it was &
Let the world decide if they have been lied to. 253 #Metabiota emails - Hunter Biden
Let the world decide if they have been lied to. 253 #Metabiota emails. #benotafraid #HunterBiden Back-up copy incase the files are taken down from the above
Joe Biden, Donald Trump, a laptop, Ukraine and Jack Maxey brining Hunter's Laptop Back into the Headlines
The Article below was share by Jack Maxey and Translated by Google Translate.(Kyiv/Washington) Things are not always what they appear or what interested parties want them to appear. More than ever in a troubled time like the present, critical thinking is required, also and especially from Catholics, also from priests. It becomes questionable when a counterpart repeats almost verbatim what was heard on the television news the night before, but remains inaccessible to other arguments that were not heard there. Supervised thinking as driven by mainstream-Media happens, while convenient, is not an acceptable form of information gathering. In order to sharpen vigilance, this should be shown with
From time-to-time people present issues for me to write on. Before engaging in that I must consider various aspects to decide if I possess enough info to express a thought which results in a logical expression. I believe I have done so.Interesting communication could be held on the concept of “spouse-swapping” Don’t ask me why it’s called “wife-swapping,” which seems to disregard a whole other element we call “husband,” but the concept has a few other names. First, we speak of an activity that violates no governmental rule/law, nor one that infringes on the rights & freedoms of others, that’s the rule. With that starting point, we move to “morality,” what we feel is right or wrong. In a
New York Times Confirms Hunter Biden's Laptop is Real
If you were on StreetLoc in 2020 you would have seen the first posts about Hunter Biden's laptop back in October 25, 2020. StreetLoc Search and #HunterBiden hashtags are an easy way to discover content on StreetLoc.Laptop form Hell, photos of Hunter Biden and Malia Ann Obama leak onlineLaptop From Hell: Pedophile Crime Family? Text Messages: Jim, Joe, Jill, and Hunter BidenPhotos of Paul Pelosi on Hunter Bidens LaptopHunter Biden Texts Halie BidenBidens Laptop Matters - identity of the 14-year-old girl on Hunter’s laptop revealed!Hunter Biden's PornHub Account - Including Personal Porn with Family MemberHunter Bidens Laptop is full of vile photosHomeland Security Official Report: The Investi
🇺🇦The U2 frontman Bono wrote a poem about Ukraine
Nancy Pelosi read a Bono poem today.Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hosted the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon at the White House. At the luncheon, Speaker Pelosi read a poem that she said was written by U2 frontman Bono. Here it is ⤵️Oh, Saint Patrick he drove out the snakesWith his prayers but that’s not all it takesFor the snake symbolizesAn evil that risesAnd hides in your heartAs it breaksAnd the evil has risen, my friendsFrom the darkness that lives in some menBut in sorrow and fearThat’s when saints can appearTo drive out those old snakes once againAnd they struggle for us to be freeFrom the psycho in this human familyIreland’s sorrow and painIs now the U
What does "Z" mean on Russian Tanks and Vehicles in the Ukraine?
What does the Z mean on Russian tanks? On many of Russia's tanks there is a white symbol which looks like the letter Z, sometimes with a white box around it. The symbol is most likely to help to avoid friendly fire. The mark means that the tank will not be confused with Ukrainian or other allied forces vehicles.
18 Republicans voted to pass a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill sending $14,000,000,000 to Ukraine.
18 Republicans voted to pass a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill sending $14,000,000,000 to Ukraine. A war that most American's want nothing to do with. Inflation is at a 40 year highGas has reached close to $7 per gallon in some regions.The National Gas price average is $4.26America's infrastructure is crumbling The Southern Border is wide open, there is no money for finish the wall1.1 Million American Veterans live below the poverty levelThere are an estimated 800,000 homeless people living in America.HERE ARE THE NAMES of the 18 Senate RINO "Republicans" who voted 'YES' !!!John Barrasso (R-WY)Roy Blunt (R-MO)Shelly Moore-Capito (R-WV)Susan Collins (R-ME)John Cornyn (R-TX)Joni Ernst (R-I
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