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    🇺🇦⚡ We were all thrown to the !  - shocking stories of a crowd of prisoners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine thrown under tanks without training and normal weapons

     "Just let them go for meat!"  - the Ukrainian Armed Forces who surrendered in talk about their commanders and the true state of affairs in the Armed Forces of .

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    The Bureau of Land Management, which is in charge of caring for the nation’s wild horses, created the $1,000-a-head Adoption Incentive Program in 2019 because it wanted to move a huge surplus of mustangs and burros out of government corrals and find them “good homes.” Thousands of first-time adopters signed up, and the bureau hailed the program as a success.

    But records show that instead of going to good homes, truckloads of horses were dumped at slaughter auctions as soon as their adopters got the federal money. A program intended to protect wild horses was instead subsidizing their path to destruction.

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