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    Added a video   to  , CoronavirusOutbreak

    Video Show a hospital in the city of () full of dead bodies, reporting numbers of dead past 1,200! 

    Iran has just arrested the man who took the video! Apologies for the poor quality.

    Added a video   to  , CoronavirusOutbreak

    Watch this video on how China handles the

    The world is grappling with 2019-nCoV, the new Coronavirus spreading rapidly from the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei Province. The spreading virus, which as of February 5th counts 24,642 confirmed cases across dozens of countries, can be fatal, resulting to-date in 494 deaths.

    Response to the outbreak is vast and highly variable, with China placing much of Hubei Province on a transit lockdown, Russia shutting down their border with China, which at just over 2,600 miles is the 6th longest land border in the world, and nations around the world putting additional precautions into place at major ports-of-entry, including quarantining flights and cruise ships with thousands of passengers.


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