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    ๐Ÿ‘€โœจ Do not miss this Post: and

    ๐Ÿ‘€โœจ Do not miss this Post: and Consequencesย 

    American Truth -The Truth and the Consequences of any falling into , , and follows an #inevitablepath of #Paranoia, #Fear, and #Delusion. If you read the beginning sentence of Psalms chapter two, it will read the following. Why do the #heathenrage? Heathen here is the Hebrew goy referring to the #Gentile, in other words most #unbelieving peoples. Many of whom serve idols and other gods. For as scripture says, โ€œthe #gods of the s are #idolsโ€ Ps 96:5. The path this nation is on finds a course that must be corrected. A divided house never stands; however, it is also true that unrighteousness does not secure a future with the #LordGod.ย 

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    #jesuschrist #holyspirit #christianity #prayer #jesussaves #salvation #jesuslovesyou #Yeshuahamassiach #jesusislord #Redeemed #Chosen #spiritualwarfare #yeshua #repent #jesusistheway

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    Despite an all out authoritarian fear campaign, to mandate these unproven dangerous gene therapies disguised as vaccines, orchestrated by our corrupt political class, bought off medical industry, Big Tech censorship media outlets, woke mega-corporations, cowardly universities, and left wing fake news propaganda outlets, more than 40% of the population is resisting this tyrannical medical apartheid.

    This past week had a surreal quality as false narrative after false narrative was annihilated by unequivocal facts presented by a minority of truth-seeking bloggers, uncaptured doctors (Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Martin Kuldorff), and a few remaining real journalists (Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson, Alex Berenson, Joe Rogan). The mainstream media and their social media co-conspirators are nothing but highly compensated mouthpieces for the Deep State, Big Pharma, and the billionaire oligarchs calling the shots.

    The resistance is coming from alternative media websites, independent bloggers, and individuals seeking the truth. Online communities of like- minded individuals are the modern-day Committees of Correspondence, as we head towards inevitable conflict. A revolution is in the offing and those trapped in their own cognitive dissonance trance, with a dash of normalcy bias, are going to be shocked out of their self-induced stupor by the suddenness and extreme violence of the push back set in motion by the power elite.

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