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    Why has the world been turned on its head these last few years?  Why does it seem as if everything true is labeled false and everything false is labeled true?  Why is it that, even in the absence of all-out global war, everything feels chaotic and uncertain these days?  Why is it that at the height of global prosperity and peace, the world is going mad?

    What if I were to tell you that what we are experiencing has nothing to do with events currently unfolding in the present and everything to do with a future event that sits just over the horizon?  What if I told you that everything the titans of government, finance, and technology do today is in preparation for something they are desperate to prevent tomorrow?  What if I told you that this looming disaster for those who hold power now would one day be known as "The Global Revolt of the Peasants"? Would all the craziness around us make a little more sense if you knew that the only thing our "leaders" actually fear is we?

    Even the most free and dynamic social systems degrade over time as the people who govern those systems distort them in pursuit of greater personal wealth and power.  Corrupted systems eventually lead to breakdown and collapse.  As collapse nears, social systems become so vulnerable to unsanctioned actions and ideas that they close themselves off.  Freedom is replaced with tyranny.  This is by design.

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    Posted on LibertyRush by Tom Pleaser: "Please remember the 4Rs. , and in that order. Tomorrow all patriots stay home from work. Conduct no business! Spend no money. Vote in Georgia. Let your voices be heard. No one can fire 75 million of us."