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    The “Defeat the Mandates” protests make a compelling case that public health policy for the last two years has been more about governments and pharmaceutical corporations seeking power and profit than about keeping populations healthy and free. Nothing else can explain mandates for receiving expensive largely ineffective vaccines and covering one’s face with a useless mask.

    Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that those in charge will change their minds on what needs to be done. Already, the event has been characterized as a disappointing gathering of uninformed kooks and belligerent Trumpkins daring to question supposedly settled science. And doubtless, many people who have internalized the messaging on Covid and vaccines will continue to cast opponents as criminals deserving harsh punishment.

    Our culture of dependency has resulted in today’s Covid regime that dominates individual autonomy and the right of people to think for themselves. Even if the ostensible experts are wrong time and again, the majority of the population will submit to their judgment all the same.

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