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    The last two years have seen an unprecedented escalation in a decades-long war on the American past. But there are lots of logical flaws in attacking prior generations in U.S. history.

    Critics assume their own judgmental generation is morally superior to those of the past. So, they use their own standards to condemn the mute dead who supposedly do not measure up to them.

    Yet 21st-century critics rarely acknowledge their own present affluence and leisure owe much to history's prior generations whose toil helped create their current comfort.

    Never in history has such a mediocre, but self-important and ungracious generation owed so much, and yet expressed so little gratitude, to its now dead forebears.

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    Stumping for McAuliffe In Virginia, Biden wants to talk about one person, and that person isn't Biden. Then again, what does he possibly have to brag about? Shutting down COVID? More Americans have died from the disease during his presidency than his predecessor's, even with the emergence of vaccines.

    Is Biden going to brag about overseeing what promises to be the weakest economic recovery since the last time he was put in charge of such things? Rather than looking for ways to create more opportunities for American workers, the president has been clamoring to put millions of them on the dole. 

    Biden is going to talk about Trump. 

    The more Americans get to know Biden, the less they like him. And the less they like him, the more he's compelled to talk about Trump.

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