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    What happened in Waukesha, WI is way worse than anything that ever happened in Charlottesville, yet the media went nuts over Charlottesville and Joe Biden used it to launch his presidential campaign. 

    One woman died in Charlottesville. 

    At least five people were killed in Waukesha by a black supremacist, including small children. 

    Why the double standard? 

    I don’t ever want to hear anyone complain about Charlottesville ever again.

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    The media is awfully quiet now that the attacker has been identified as a black supremacist Five percenter! 

    Black supremacy and Islam are one helluva lethal combo.

    I don’t ever want to hear the media complain about another fake “hate crime” hoax or “white supremacy”. 

    They have stayed silent on a terrorist attack directed at White people.

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    Darrell Brooks is also a convicted sexual predator. He has social media posts where he defended himself against accusations of pedophilia, but it’s very clear that he’s a pedophile. 

    If you saw videos of the attacks yesterday, he deliberately chose to run over and targeted the little white girls who were in the parade. 

    This is a violent, racist, career criminal who wanted to kill white girls and white grandmas. 

    Video doesn’t lie. And neither does his rap sheet.

    Added post  to  , BlackSupremacy

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris need to condemn this violent act of black supremacy!