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    JUST IN - 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was marching in the Waukesha Christmas Parade with his baseball team, has died from his severe injuries.

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    What happened in Waukesha, WI is way worse than anything that ever happened in Charlottesville, yet the media went nuts over Charlottesville and Joe Biden used it to launch his presidential campaign. 

    One woman died in Charlottesville. 

    At least five people were killed in Waukesha by a black supremacist, including small children. 

    Why the double standard? 

    I don’t ever want to hear anyone complain about Charlottesville ever again.

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    The media is awfully quiet now that the attacker has been identified as a black supremacist Five percenter! 

    Black supremacy and Islam are one helluva lethal combo.

    I don’t ever want to hear the media complain about another fake “hate crime” hoax or “white supremacy”. 

    They have stayed silent on a terrorist attack directed at White people.

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    I will be releasing another major exclusive bombshell about Darrell Brooks in about an hour on

    This one is going to destroy all left wing narratives.

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    Really funny to me how so many so called journalists are now taking credit for breaking Darrell Brooks’s identity, His criminal record, the fact that he was released on bond 3 days ago,  and the story about his YouTube channel and rap career. 

    Those stories were exclusively reported first by LOOMERED.COM and, anyone who tells you other wise is full of shit. 

    And that includes: Andy Ngo, Revolver News, and everyone else who is trying to sideline and erase the journalists who broke this story. 

    It’s important that we call this type of shady behavior out because it’s disingenuous, and I’m pretty sick and tired of other so called conservatives stealing credit and work from other journalists, including me and my investigators at while ignoring our hard work. 

    So now they are all going to be called out.


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    JUST IN - Darrell Brooks intentionally drove his vehicle into the Christmas parade in and is charged with 5 counts of first degree intentional homicide, according to the police.