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Is America Still Worth Fighting For?
The question is one that every American military member has to literally ask himself or herself when signing up. Is America still worth fighting for?Increasingly, this question hits closer to home for Americans who still believe in the idea of American exceptionalism, that this country’s unique system of government, combined with God-given freedoms protected by nothing more than the parchment of the Constitution and the deep commitment of Americans themselves, is the one exception in a world otherwise ruled by kings, fascists, tyrants, elitist oligarchs, and dictators. They believe that America is the only thing in the world that stands between tyranny and basic universal human dignity.Throu
The elites versus the rest of us
The elites view radical, violent protest movements — and the groups that foster them, such as Black Lives Matter — with extraordinary tolerance and charity.  But when a true populist movement arises, and white, working-class Christians get uppity and threaten to vote for someone like a Donald Trump, they go into full “snit” mode and look down their noses in horror and approbation at the great unwashed.Brexit, too, was an example of the elites being caught with their pants down.  They simply couldn’t believe that many folks would challenge the wisdom they so generously espoused from atop their political thrones.  With staggering and sickening hubris, these elites characterized Trump’s rise an
Time to Recall Members of Congress
Our Non-Representative CongressThe voting numbers of the Congress show that we no longer have a representative democracy. Nor are we Republicans and Democrats. We are Nationalists and Globalists.Based on their voting, the Globalist Party consists of 69 percent of the Senate and 65 percent of the House. Constituents, however, voted for 49 percent of the Senate and 51 percent of the House.Had their representatives voted as their constituents wanted, Biden policies would have been stopped. The fact that these policies have not been stopped has not only disappointed but angered an increasing number of legitimate voters.Why do these elected officials betray their constituents?The answer lies in m
Under the Democrats’ Rule, America Has Become A Failed State
Thomas Jefferson wrote about governments that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,” In modern English, government exists to do for men those things they cannot do for themselves: protect the nation, ensure tranquility within the nation and guarantee God-given individual rights are not trampled upon within the nation. Our government has failed in that task. Our nation, therefore, is a failed sta
The power of role models
As I prepare for what lies ahead, like many in my “twilight” years, I frequently find myself looking back and reflecting on how I got to where I am in my life. Being influenced by some exceptional primary and secondary school teachers, actively participating in the Boy Scouts of America (Cub Scouts through Sea Explorers), and active involvement in Sunday School and Church, I suspect I got to where I am in life today by attempting to emulate two role models. These two role models have served as my North Star throughout the highs and lows of what I consider to be a life well lived.Those individuals were my Uncle Dr. Peter Weaver Squire from Emporia, VA and my father J. Roswell Poplar Jr. from
The Greatest Threat to the Survival of Israel is the American Progressive Movement
Only the Republican Party will continue to guarantee America’s support and the survival of the world’s only Jewish state. Supporters of Israel would do well to keep this in mind in 2024.A couple of years ago, a local Jewish community organization invited me to join a planning session to develop its lobbying agenda in advance of our state’s upcoming legislative session. As an officer of our state Republican Party, I appreciated the invitation, as I imagined the group wanted to include conservatives in its process.Wanting to participate but wanting to find an issue that might have broad support, I suggested the group lobby for enhanced anti-Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) legislation
Still standing in Wokesylvania
The woke mob’s list of statue teardowns is historically unprecedented in American society: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Columbus, and Theodore Roosevelt among others. Destruction of religious statues, especially outside Catholic churches both here and in Canada, have also been on the rise.Not a transgender, lesbian, or person of color among them -- so much for diversity, equity, and inclusion. These longstanding monuments only underscore just how inferior and pathetic these adherents to the woke revolution truly are.Why must the woke destroy to validate themselves?Not enough lollipops and brownies as a child?Compared to any of them, these statue topplers are intellectu
More evidence of the historical truth behind Biblical narratives
When I was in high school, my father gave me Werner Keller’s The Bible As History. Keller, an engineer, scholar, humanist, and anti-Nazi fighter who barely escaped execution, wasn’t interested in the Bible as a religious book, at least not for the purposes of The Bible As History. Instead, he showed that objective history corroborates the Bible’s historical narratives. I was hooked and have enjoyed Biblical history ever since. I just stumbled across a new entrant into the truth behind the Bible stories. This time, archeology shows that, at the time of ***** and Gomorrah, there really was fire raining down from the skies.Genesis 19:24-25 describes the fate of ***** and Gomorrah when the peopl
Useless Degrees, An Analysis
For a long time now, the debate has raged as to whether it’s worth going to college anymore. The libertarian view on this question has typically been along the lines of… if people are foolish enough to waste money on worthless degrees, the world will soon enough teach them another lesson. While valid, that view ran aground on the Democrat vote-buying scheme to insulate those with useless degrees from the consequences of their poor choices and indebtedness, with our tax money.The cynical motives behind this ploy aside, I very much doubt many students enroll in college with the intention of eventually being bailed out by their fellow citizens. These bright, young minds have simply bought into
Education Failure And Media Decline
With so many pronouncements and so much finger-pointing in the media about the crisis and decline of American culture, it is easy to miss the central role of the media itself in this ongoing distress in our nation’s daily life.It is now well-known that the American education system, from kindergarten to graduate school, has been overtaken by radical teachers, professors and administrators who promote negative narratives of American history and society. In their place, schools now put forward and advocate a radical agenda that employs woke standards, cancel culture, and ridicule of American capitalist representative democracy to advance neo-Marxist values of wealth redistribution, hyper-egali
In the Left’s Latest Attack Against Trump and Democracy, the Supreme Court Must Quash the Insurrection Argument Once and For All
he Left’s latest attack on democracy, the truth, the Constitution, and the rule of law continues in the form of a series of lawsuits, such as the ones found in Colorado and now Maine, that are being fueled by Democrat-aligned, Soros-funded groups, that have attempted to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot in those states via rogue political actors on alleged Fourteenth Amendment grounds. The Colorado decision witnessed the state’s all-Democrat-appointed Supreme Court split 4-3 on the central issue, remarkably close given how polarized the country is today, especially on matters related to President Trump. Presenting a question that will undoubtedly be taken up by the United States
Impending political divorce: irreconcilable differences
Among the most compelling drivers of our impending, national, “irreconcilable differences” divorce is the way we view politicians. Nowhere is this chasm wider than in considerations of Donald Trump, whose mere existence has spawned a deadly contagion: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Pausing to consider these approaches may be instructive.Republicans/normal americans: also recognized are Republicans in Name Only (RINOS), Never Trumpers and a few other sub-species. They have a healthy suspicion of politicians. They’re constantly being burned by politicians who talk a good game, but once elected develop Pasta Spine Syndrome (PSS). They expect all politicians to be fools, criminals and fast-ta
One ancient coin connecting two great religions
I may be Jewish but I think I give the best Christmas present. I am a coin collector and I enjoy giving my Christian friends an ancient coin known as the widow’s mite. I will be doing it again this Christmas.According to Mark 12:41-44 (King James):“And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, verily I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of h
A Guide to Leftist Lies
The far left’s propaganda arm is warming up for the upcoming election year and tuning up their nonsensical lies that the pro-freedom right, imbued with the precepts of individual liberty and limited government is somehow the same as overarching big government collectivist authoritarians.  The time has come to proactively start tabulating the ever-growing and long list of startling and uncomfortable ways the Democrat party emulates the Nazi Party. Lies, deceit, and deception are some of the biggest similarities between the fascist far left of today and a certain National Socialist German Workers’ Party of one hundred years ago.  It’s a commonality with all collectivist leftist authoritarians.
Contrary To Leftist Revisionism, Native American Culture Was Indeed ‘Savage’
Progressives embrace victimhood to give themselves moral superiority, which often requires grossly distorted narratives instead of historical facts. Nowhere is this more apparent than in The Nation magazine, where two American Indian “activists” recently “debated” Should America Keep Celebrating Thanksgiving? They agreed that Thanksgiving needed to be “decolonized” and that Thanksgiving needed to refocus on the evil of the colonists.The big lie behind this “debate” is that colonial era “indigenous culture” was superior to Western culture. Scratch the surface, though, and you see that their complaint is not that the European colonists were evil but that, in the clash of civilizations, the Ind
One Sick War
The best way of understanding it is that Israelis are Jews and the ancient plague of anti-Semitism is again sweeping the globeThere is something surreal, even sick about the current Gazan war.Throughout European and American cities and campuses, tens of thousands of Middle East immigrants and students, and radical leftists chant nonstop “Free Palestinian from the River to the Sea.”More recently, they are also yelling, “Israel, you can’t hide, we caught you in genocide.”Consider the hypocrisy of that dual messaging.Hamas and its supporters are openly and eagerly calling for the genocidal end of Israel by wiping it out from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.Yet at the same time they al
A Therapeutic Middle East Versus A Tragic One
Classical diplomacy warns leaders to be neither obsequious and appeasing abroad, nor gratuitously boastful and hard-headed.The usual advice is don’t-tread-on-me resoluteness, or what Teddy Roosevelt characterized as “speak softly and carry a big stick.” The alternatives – whether “speak loudly and carry a twig,” “speak softly and carry a twig,” or “speak loudly and carry a big stick”- are far worse.Our current diplomats have unfortunately forgotten that golden mean of guarded language backed with credible warnings of overwhelming force. And the result is a verbal mess, backed by impending attacks called off, confusion, and harsh rhetoric rather than quiet retribution.Biden and his team give
Premodern Diversity Vs. Civilizational Unity
ew Romans in the late decades of their 5th-century AD empire celebrated their newfound “diversity” of marauding Goths, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Huns, and Vandals.These tribes en masse had crossed the unsecured Rhine and Danube borders to harvest Roman bounty without a care about what had created it.Their agendas were focused on destroying the civilization they overran rather than peacefully integrating into and perpetuating the Empire.Ironically, Rome’s prior greatness had been due to the extension of citizenship to diverse people throughout Europe, North Africa, and Asia.Millions had been assimilated, integrated, and intermarried and often superseded the original Italians of the early Roman R
Biden’s Decades Of National Security Failures And Military Endangerment
Si vis bellum, projice infirmitate.*Hamas has given President Biden a chance for a “do over,” an opportunity to display leadership and courage in protecting our national security and world peace that has been absent from his past life. Whether he can rise to the occasion or not is unclear. But, if he fails, countless more lives will likely be sacrificed.October 23 marks the 40th anniversary of the terrorist truck bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, that killed 241 American Marines, soldiers, and sailors. Given former Senator Biden’s prominent role in incentivizing that attack, which was typical of his long history of undermining American national security and endangering both our nation’s freedom an
Palestinian refugees are a risk America can’t afford to take
Following the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel and the ensuing outbreak of another war in the Middle East, influential people in Washington, D.C., are already calling for the U.S. to take in Palestinian refugees.They couldn’t be more wrong.While the war is still in its early days, it is expected that up to one million Palestinians living in Gaza could soon become refugees. Progressive members of Congress and anti-borders groups are already claiming the U.S. has a responsibility to take in some of these refugees, but fail to mention that importing migrants from an area that glorifies and idolizes terrorists could put the national security of the U.S. at grave risk. It is well-known that