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Democrat politicians putting America — and Americans — last; China and migrants first
A Chinese company is set to receive more than $536 million in state incentives and tax breaks to build an electric vehicle battery plant in Illinois, according to a recent WLS-TV report out of Chicago.The lithium-ion batteries will be used in electric vehicles and energy storage systems. The erstwhile Land of Lincoln’s Democrat governor, J. B. Pritzker, has offered Chinese Communist Party-linked battery manufacturer Gotion more than half a billion dollars in largess to build a plant in Manteno, a town located approximately 50 miles south of Chicago. Pritzker has decided to shrug off any national security concerns.And Pritzker is not alone in his fondness for purportedly CCP-linked companies
Who is Seth Rich? Who Murdered Him? And What’s The Deep State Hiding?
Jack Cashill wrote the best summary of the circumstances surrounding Rich’s ******. Based on secondhand statements, Cashill reports that Rich was the leak’s source. After several contentious civil suits or visits by the Men in Black, these sources went silent. Troublesome questions were left unanswered.Rich had a motive. Rich was a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Rich surely knew that Clinton and the DNC were sandbagging Bernie Sanders as they are now doing with RFK Jr. Rich had physical access to the DNC server, so he could have copied the files to a thumb drive and then physically handed it to Wikileaks.Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who published the DNC files, continues to deny the files
The Real Threat to Our Democracy
Democrat politicians endlessly warn us about the "threat to our democracy" posed by Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans.  Of course, that claim is patently absurd on two fronts.First of all, as most Americans know, we live under a constitutional republic, not a democracy.  But, putting that technicality aside, presumably they're talking about "democracy" in general terms, as opposed to a monarchy, oligarchy, or dictatorship.  They're claiming that MAGA Republicans somehow threaten our democratic way of life and all the benefits associated with it, including the precious right to freely elect our leaders.From that perspective, do Trump and his supporters really pose a threat to our democracy?#
Lion Glass Formula Released - 10x strength, half carbon emissions, from Penn State
LionGlass Formula: A new glass for the future. Super strong, eco-friendly glass: 10x strength, half carbon emissions, from Penn State.John Mauro, Dorothy Pate Enright Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State, said,  “In many ways, Glass is a state of matter all its own. Any liquid can form a glass if it’s cooled rapidly enough. You can make Glass out of water. Physicists believe that most of the water in the universe is probably in glassy form. In movies, they use Glass made from sugars for breakable windows and dozens of glasses are made from metallic alloys. Anything liquefied can be brought into the glassy state if quenched fast enough to avoid crystallization.”Time fo
Apple Tells Support Staff Avoid Radiation Fallout - Remain Silent - iPhone 12
Earlier this week, French regulators ordered a ban on iPhone 12 sales after a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) test - how much radio frequency is absorbed into a body from a device - exceeded European radiation exposure limits. Apple says will issue software update to iPhone12 in FranceFrance says update should allow for resumed iPhone 12 salesApple says it still disputes French radiation findingsGermany says in touch with France for EU solutionItaly plans to ask Apple for software update - sourceApple (AAPL.O) pledged on Friday to update software on iPhone 12s in France to settle a row over radiation levels, but concerns in other European countries signalled it may have to take similar action
How to Watch the 2023 Rugby World Cup In The USA - Times, Events, Schedule - America EST
How to Watch the #2023 #Rugby #WorldCup In The USA - Times, Events, Schedule - AmericaParticipating teams in this year’s Rugby World Cup include: Pool A: New Zealand, France, Italy, Uruguay, Namibia Pool B: South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Tonga, RomaniaPool C: Wales, Australia, Fiji, Georgia, Portugal Pool D: England, Japan, Argentina, Samoa, and ChileFollowing are the World Rugby men’s rankings heading into the tournament:IrelandNew ZealandFranceSouth AfricaScotlandEnglandArgentinaAustraliaWalesFiji 2023 RUGBY WORLD CUP SCHEDULE Date Matchup
Discrimination, Excommunication, and Indoctrination
Discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin is evil, whether it targets Black people, Whites or anyone else.  But now it is practiced with impunity by modern-day, leftist Klansmen who apparently comprise nearly half the U.S. population.Equity is another false promise based on a false premise.  Equal opportunity is a central tenet of American life and law, but equity -- equal outcomes, despite the amount of work and effort one expends or does not expend -- is Marxist claptrap.  “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” is a recipe for disaster, disincentivizing education and work by robbing the industrious of their hard-earned money and giving
How to Cancel Your Disney+, Hulu, Prime and Netflix Subscriptions
Disney+ and Hulu are hiking prices on their ad-free plans. Disney+'s monthly subscription jumps from $11 to $14, and Hulu's jumps from $15 to $18. Disney+ now costs twice as much as it did versus its 2019 launch. In fact all streaming services have increased their prices substantially while offering old and outdated movies for free and forcing you to pay for the latest releases like you once did at a video rental store.There is not much point in having a streaming service anymore. The pricing is bad, the movies are old and you get a better quality picture with a 4k TV antenna for under $10 one-off.Here is how you can cancel all your streaming subscriptions.AMAZON PRIMEYou can't cancel Prime
Woman in blackface asks Target worker where its Pride section is - before going on a rant in Starbucks
Woman in blackface terrorizes Target worker and demands to know where its Pride section is - before going on a rant in nearby Starbucks where she complained about being fired from her post office jobErsilia Campbell stormed into a store in Aurora, Colorado and made her way to an employee who explained to her that Pride month was overShe then claimed the LGBT community had taken over the American flag forever before walking outA trespassing warning was recently issued about her which told her former colleagues to call the police and the US Postal Inspection Service if she was seen‍  ‍
Truth, Accuracy, and Election Fraud
In a letter unanimously signed by the delegates to the First Continental Congress on October 26, 1774, our founders stated, "The first grand right, is that of the people having a share in their own government by their representatives chosen by themselves, and, in consequence, of being ruled by laws, which they themselves approve, not by edicts of men over whom they have no control."It is for this reason that our Constitution defines a zero-trust system.  In America, transparency and direct accountability are central to securing our inalienable right — to live as a sovereign being, possessed of our own thoughts, experiences, and creativity to guide us.  Self-governance in our country is restr
U.S. People Have Been Murdered to Keep Alien Craft a Secret Since 1930
UFO Congress hearing: Whistleblower David Grusch suggests people have been murdered as part of conspiracy to keep alien craft a secretFirst-of-its kind bombshell hearing saw three ex-military blow whistle on UFOsShared experiences with craft that looked like 'dark cube in transparent sphere' Former intelligence officer hinted US government had murdered to keep secretsA veteran pilot said he saw white 'tic tac' UFO perform other-worldly maneuvers 'It was amazing to see. I told my buddy I wanted to fly it,' said Commander FravorThe US has been in possession of UFOs since 'the 1930s' and has been secretly back-engineering them and carrying out a public disinformation campaign to prevent the det
Sinead O’Connor dead: Irish music legend dies aged 56
Sinead O’Connor dead: Irish music legend dies aged 56Sinead O'Connor has died at the age of 56 after years of mental health battles, it was reported last night.The Irish singer shot to stardom across the world in 1990 by her heartrending cover of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U.It comes a year after the mother-of-four's son Shane, 17, took his own life in January 2022 after escaping hospital while on suicide watch.‍‍
'Try That in a Small Town' has had six SECONDS quietly edited and no longer contains clips of violent BLM protest
'Try That in a Small Town' has had six SECONDS quietly edited and no longer contains clips of violent BLM protestSections of Jason Aldean's controversial music video for his song 'Try That in a Small Town' appear to have been cut out  Around six seconds have been cut from the video which is now number two on the Billboard Hot 100It comes after the country star doubled down over the controversial song, attacking what he called the 'bulls**t' he says has ruined the US‍  ‍
The Real Reason For War in the Ukraine: Strategic and Critical Minerals now owned by Russia
The Real Reason For War in the Ukraine: Strategic and Critical Minerals now owned by Russia.For decades, a country’s relative energy security was defined almost exclusively by its stock of hydrocarbon reserves, its wind-, solar-, and hydropower generation potential, as well as the physical or commercial ties it maintained with foreign partners to ensure security of supply and to meet domestic energy demand. As environmental concerns have increased, national governments began more methodically steering toward low-emission technologies that could efficiently make use of their countries’ natural resource potential. Critical minerals, such as cobalt, titanium, palladium, and various rare earth m
Biden Might Risk WW3 Starting in the Ukraine amid shortage in ammo and manpower
NATO is incapable of filling Ukraine's shortage in ammo and manpower without dragging itself deeper into the conflict and risking a direct confrontation with Russia, Larry Johnson, a veteran of the CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism, told Sputnik's New Rules podcast. US President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order increasing Operation Atlantic Resolve in Europe with 3,000 reserve personnel on July 13. Since February 2022, the Pentagon has deployed over 20,000 additional forces to Europe, bringing its current total to over 100,000 across the Old Continent in the wake of the beginning of Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. "The United States is giving every
U.N. The effect of Canadian wildfires on sustainable development
The effect of wildfires on sustainable developmentWith only 10 years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, world leaders in September 2019 called for accelerated action in the next decade to deliver at the scale and speed required. Climate change and global heating however, are increasing the likelihood and intensity of wildfires, which could have a growing impact on the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.For example, the 2019–2020 Australian bushfire season came at the end of the second hottest year on record, with multiple record high temperatures experienced across Australia at the beginning of its wildfire season. This has created far more flammable conditions
Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option
“Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats from CA GOP “Proportional” Rule Position, Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option”There’s still work for be done. Just because she’s distancing, doesn’t mean it’s over. #CAGOP needs to rip the amendment up.It is difficult to overstate just how impactful Mrs. Laura Loomer was/is in blocking a California scheme that appears to be part of a wider GOPe plan to dilute the primary election delegate distribution against the interests of President Trump and his supporters.Mrs. Loomer exposed a three-week old plan by state RNC leadership Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon to change the California Republican primary outcome to a proportional dis
Congress - Handover Your Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP/UFO)
The 118th Congress is drafting legislation to force any member of the public in possession of material or information provided by or derived from the Federal Government relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena to to notify the director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) within 60 days.he new UAP language (found in Section 1104 of the bill) would require "any person currently or formerly under contract with the Federal Government that has in their possession material or information provided by or derived from the Federal Government relating to unidentified anomalous phenomena that formerly or currently is protected by any form of special access or restricted access" to not
Anheuser Busch own 50% of Coors through a joint venture with Molson Coors
Anheuser Busch promotes Bud Light to the #Pride community via Dylan Mulvaney, after a backlash Anheuser says they made a mistake and they respect their customers, then Coors goes on to support and promote it's beer to the #Pride community, but Anheuser owns 50% of Coors, the evil is entrenched. Anheuser Busch has a joint venture with Molson Coors, which produces Coors and other Molson Coors brands.As part of the joint venture, Anheuser Busch holds a 50 percent ownership stake in the company, giving it indirect control over Coors. Thus, while Anheuser Busch does not directly own Coors, it has a substantial stake in Coors and the other brands produced by the Molson Coors joint venture.R‍EAD MO
U.S. releases declassified report on COVID origins
Several WIV researchers were ill in Fall 2019 with symptoms; some of their symptoms were consistent with but not diagnostic of COVID-19. The IC continues to assess that this information neither supports nor refutes either hypothesis of the pandemic’s origins because the researchers’ symptoms could have been caused by a number of diseases and some of the symptoms were not consistent with COVID-19. Consistent with standard practices, those researchers likely completed annual health exams as part of their duties in a high-containment biosafety laboratory. The IC assesses that the WIV maintains blood samples and health records of all of their laboratory personnel—which are standard procedures in