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A barrage of amicus briefs was filed last month defending Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, whose use of race as a criterion in their admissions processes heads to the Supreme Court this term.As others have noted , Harvard’s own data (as presented in the petitioner’s brief ) expose an odious pattern of discrimination. An Asian American student in the top decile of the “academic index” (“a metric created by Harvard based on test scores and GPA”) has a 12.7% chance of admission, while an African American applicant has a 56.1% chance. In the seventh decile, it is a 4% versus a 41.1% chance. Asian American students consistently have the lowest chance of admission at every
The disaster unfolding on America’s southern border since 2020 is both a humanitarian tragedy and a threat to our national security. Hundreds of migrants have died while trying to cross the border, and federal agents have apprehended tens of thousands of unaccompanied children. Fentanyl trafficking has skyrocketed, with agents confiscating some 11,000 pounds of the drug (each pound of which can kill over 200,000 people). More than 1.7 million migrants were detained in 2021.1 Although border agents do not release how many of those are on terrorist watch lists,2 they have noted that individuals come from more than 100 countries.3Aside from these immediate considerations, Washington’s failure t
One of the most fundamental questions of political theory is deceptively simple: why have a constitution at all? The answer to this question should be easy, given the widespread adoption of written constitutions in recent years, even if their substantive provisions vary widely from country to country.Regrettably, however, the success of constitutionalism is far from guaranteed if social conditions do not support limited government, which is why so many constitutions have very short half-lives. The most notable exception to this unhappy fate is the American Constitution of 1787—up and running, with many changes along the way, for 235 years. Its duration is not just happenstance, for it rests
The seal of the U.S. Department of Justice reads, “Qui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur”—“Who prosecutes for Lady Justice.” Depictions of Lady Justice are as familiar as they are instructive: she stands blindfolded while holding the scales of justice, representing her unyielding devotion to equal justice under the law. Contrary to this ideal, the DOJ today appears to be increasingly motivated by partisanship. Compounding the problem, it has access to the powers of the modern surveillance state. As someone passionate about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I believe there is no higher priority than addressing this danger. The tragic events of 9/11 marked a turning point in our nation’s rec
#HunterBiden gone wild on Laptop From Hell - Invited Prostitutes to Wild Pool Parties.WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENTVideos and photos obtained by show Hunter Biden dancing shirtless, stripping naked and sliding down a waterslide into a pool at a home in Malibu in 2018Other pictures show him having group sex and entertaining hookers at the $4,140-per-night luxury rentalIn September and October 2018 Hunter rented lavish vacation homes around Los AngelesHe invited prostitutes to his wild pool parties and even took one photo showing two hookers naked in the hot tub with a jar of marijuana nearby The photos and videos were stored on Hunter's abandoned laptop and obtained by
The 182.5-megawatt energy storage facility went online in April 2022. The system includes 256 Tesla Megapack battery units on 33 concrete slabs.Around 1:30 A.M. this morning, PG&E became aware of a fire in one Tesla Megapack at its Elkhorn Battery Storage facility in Monterey County.‍ ‍
Back in June 2021,The Federalist published a list of Biden's lies, entitled: "Here’s The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President: 139 And Counting." If it were Trump every mainstream news outlet would be highlighting every one of Biden's lies 24/7, they are not!Fact-checking under President Trump was a bustling business. Seemingly every day, and sometimes by the hour, the 45th president’s every word was scrutinized, which all comes with the job. But under President Biden, fact checkers are enjoying what feels like extended vacations or have simply checked out in terms of scrutinizing the many ways that he is misleading the public.Take CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale as a prime ex
New York City shelters are so overwhelmed by the migrant crisis that Mayor Eric Adams is considering using cruise ships as temporary housing.“We examined everything from the legality of using any type of cruise ship for temporary housing,” Hizzoner said during an interview on WCBS Sunday.“We’re looking at everything to see, how do we deal with this?”“We’re saying, ‘You could come here, but you are not allowed to work.’ That is unbelievable,” Adams said, noting the shortages in various sectors, including food, healthcare and transit.On Friday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand suggested relocating newly arrived migrants to upstate cities that are experiencing unemployment issues, a move that could also
An official complaint has been filed in Florida’s Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit against Republican incumbent Daniel Webster and the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission contesting the primary election results in Florida’s 11th District. The complaint has been filed in Florida court by Republican constituents in Florida’s 11th District who believe the election was stolen from Laura Loomer#Florida #LauraLoomer
Raheem KassamU.K.Prime Minister Liz Truss a neo-liberal adulteress who wants to ratchet up Davos's war in Ukraine.You’d imagine that a change in leadership in what remains one of the most influential offices in the world would be somewhat related to a change in policy – any policy – or else what would have been the point? Unless Boris Johnson had waltzed out of 10 Downing Street, cudgel in hand, and began swiping mercilessly at disabled, transgender, Muslims, his ouster should surely have marked a philosophy change at the heart of the British government. But it hasn’t, and it won’t.Liz Truss is very much just Boris Johnson in drag.But there’s good news this week if you liked Boris Johnson: a
President Joe Biden finally said the words Americans gobsmacked by the MAGA-fication of American politics have been waiting to hear: “Too much of what’s happening in our country today is not normal.”He’s right. And I’d argue a sizable majority of Americans, including many Republicans, know he’s right.It’s not normal to deny the results of a free and fair election. It’s not normal to incite an attack on the U.S. Capitol and then side with the attackers once justice is meted out. It’s not normal to demonize any government institution or official – from the Department of Justice to the FBI to a certain vice president – who doesn’t kowtow to one leader’s demands.'Blind loyalty to a single leader
Complaints by veteran soldiers about younger generations who lack discipline and traditional values are as old as war itself. Grizzled veterans in the Greek phalanx, Roman legions, and Napoleon’s elite corps all believed that the failings of the young would be the ruin of their armies. This is not the chief worry of grizzled American veterans today. The largest threat they see by far to our current military is the weakening of its fabric by radical progressive (or “woke”) policies being imposed, not by a rising generation of slackers, but by the very leaders charged with ensuring their readiness.Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Co
US President Joe Biden announced his plan to forgive some student loan debt in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on Wednesday August 24, 2022. To find the authority to cancel billions of dollars in student loans, President Biden turned to two words in a 2003 law: “national emergency.”President George W. Bush had troops in Afghanistan and Iraq when Congress passed the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act of 2003. The bill, also known as the HEROES Act of 2003, gives the Secretary of Education authority to change student financial assistance programs during a war, military operation, or “national emergency.”The Biden administration's plan will erase the remaining student
Women should swim topless in public pools to end the 'sexualisation' of their bodies and 'fight discrimination', Spanish authorities declareThe campaign was launched by Catalonia's Department of Equality & FeminismIt was done to support women's right to go topless at public beaches and poolsThe video also takes aim at double standards between genders, pointing to the fact that it is more acceptable for men to go topless than womenIt comes after a Spanish body equality campaign sparked backlash last month‍ ‍
Three children in Georgia have been diagnosed with monkeypox, including one child who lives in metro Atlanta, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health.Newton County Schools System announced Tuesday that one elementary-school-aged child in Newton County, a student at Mansfield Elementary School, has been diagnosed with monkeypox. Another child in the district who attends Flint Hill Elementary is undergoing testing for the infectious disease, according to school officials.The Newton County School System said it was notified Tuesday of the confirmed and suspected cases.In addition to the Newton case, DPH spokeswoman Nancy Nydam said one earlier pediatric case of monkeypox had been r
A new Letter presented the clinical features and diagnostic procedure of the first documented case of co-infection with monkeypox virus, SARS-CoV-2, and HIV-1 in an Italian 36-year-old male.Published on August 19, 2022, by the peer-review Journal of Infection, this case highlights how monkeypox disease and COVID-19 symptoms may overlap and corroborates how in case of co-infection, anamnestic collection and sexual habits are crucial to perform the correct diagnosis.In fact, our patient tested positive for HIV-1 with a viral load of 234,000 copies/mL, and given his preserved CD4 count, which was unaltered with 812 cells/μL, we could assume that the infection was relatively recent.However, as t
Welcome to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, museum of the future, museum of today. Once through the doors, you are confronted by black-masked attendants. Whenever England liberates, the ultra-progressive contrarians in Wales lockdown. If someone told Labour supporters in Wales that Boris Johnson enjoyed breathing oxygen, they would hold their breaths to spite him.One of the staircases to the first floor is blocked off, supposedly on grounds of safety. The NMW cultivates visitors as fearful drones taking instructions on social distancing and mask-wearing. Absurdly, shutting one staircase forces visitors into closer proximity on the other staircase; the only real purpose of the move is f
I do love American patriot Sam Adams.  He was a brawler and intellectual who passionately believed in the cause of liberty, while also understanding that strategic patience and persistent public agitation were as valuable for effecting change as punctuated bursts of outright rebellion.  His fingerprints were all over the Boston Tea Party, but he was also instrumental in forming Committees of Correspondence across the colonies that helped shape public opinion into organized action.  He grasped the bigger picture and played a most dangerous game exceedingly well against the world's foremost empire.  What is more, he found power in being the underdog.  He appreciated the effectiveness of guerri
Trump Endorses: Carolyn Maloney; Dan Goldman; and Rep. Jerry Nadler in New York Primary Race.A vote for Carolyn Maloney in NY-12 is a vote for the future! She will support me no matter what I do. Jerry Nadler is likewise a hard driving man of the people, but Carolyn Maloney is the better man.Lawyer Dan Goldman is running for Congress, NY-10. He will be very compassionate and compromising to those within the Republican Party, and will do everything possible to make sure they have a fair chance at winning against the Radical Left Democrats, who he knows are destroying our Country.#CarolynMaloney #JerryNadler #DanGoldman‍
A new medical study out of Thailand is detailing alarming heart inflation cases among young boys after they were given the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. Top doctors in the United States are taking notice. "This study does matter; it is important. It is the first prospective study of biomarkers post vaccine. It came from Thailand. It is concerning. It captures so many failures with drug safety," Dr. Vinay Prasad writes on his website. "The authors ran a bunch of tests on kids (202 boys, 99 girls) aged 13-18 who got the 2nd dose of Pfizer, after getting the first dose without adverse events. The EKG changes in the pre-print are not the story. The story are rates of cardiac biomarkers and how often th