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    Joe Biden has lost his fig leaf…and the entire world has experienced his shortcomings. Both our friends and our enemies.

    The Biden team and many of their contributors have forgotten the cardinal rule; If you tell the truth you don’t have to have a good memory. When allegiance to party up-ends a person’s moral convictions it makes that person a fool. How temporary? Tomorrow will tell. What excuse will the media offer for preaching it? For teaching it? Extending it? Perpetuating it? California is exhibit # 1! Mark Twain had it right when he proclaimed that politicians and diapers should be changed often. And for the same reason.

    A person enters politics with modest resources and then leaves with a pot of gold and a house in Martha’s Vineyard. How’s that happen? From community organizer to TV star. What is America’s ROI? Show us the rule book. Who’s calling the balls and strikes?

    We are lost in a political fog– unchecked—this march towards tribalism and socialism will engulf and crush the American core in its dense and icy waters. Whatever words and images the media uses to clothe Biden’s failures and corruption, the fabric will not protect us from him. His wardrobe has many tailors. They have taken the measure of many throughout Washington. Republications and Democrats. Their closets contain many skeletons.

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    Despite centuries of abuse and each generation’s successful encroachment on its idealized limitation, there is no better document than the Constitution to provide an outline for human governance. Benjamin Franklin noted that there were many compromises to get there, and while he didn’t love it, he also wasn’t sure there was something better. I can live with that assessment. After all, nothing in this world is perfect, there are always trade-offs, and flawed humans will at best produce flawed products. Is that so difficult to understand? Naysayers can find flaws within the Constitution and the rollout of the Republic, but can they produce an entire alternative whose end result stands above it? What would they hand us, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s South African model? 

    It is clear that the system is broken. The CDC has no real authority, and yet we allowed it to stay evictions. The Department of Labor likewise has no real authority, and yet the White House circumvented laws and morality to make it the executor of a vaccine mandate. This is not new; Roe vs. Wade found the right to privacy within the Constitution, which, through penumbral reasoning, also meant murdering unwanted babies was an extension of that aforementioned right. More recently, Obamacare was granted permission because it was construed as a tax rather than a mandate. By that logic, it seems like paying a penalty for not having the Covid vaccine is just weeks away.

    Nonetheless, a broken system does not indicate a faulty design. The document did not fail us; human nature did.

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    Many Americans today believe America is truly exceptional but are hard-pressed to describe exactly what is exceptional about it.  Victims of inadequate educational experiences, buffeted by world events, humiliated by incompetent leaders, we sometimes wonder what indeed makes America exceptional.   Most of us have had some exposure to U.S. history, although that generally consisted of names, dates, events, and things that are easily tested.  But the story goes much deeper than that.

    That seeking for continuous improvement is another, although subtle, aspect of exceptionalism.  For much of the world’s history, the common mindset was that of acceptance of the status quo with no hope or expectation that there could be anything better.  There is even a name, The American Dream, that captures the idea that with intelligence and hard work, things can be made better than they are.  While originating largely in the period known as the Enlightenment, this idea of advancement found fertile ground in America where it was nourished and grew to be an example for all the world.  Again, the idea has become so pervasive that we forget just how exceptional it is. Along the way since then, America has been virtually unique in the world for its value of individual freedom and the promotion of individual initiative and responsibility.

    True, America is not perfect, and has its challenges even today. We have our detractors and critics both inside and outside the country.  We have our faults and times when we failed to live up to our ideals, but we have also been willing to acknowledge them and strive to do better. We progress not from never making mistakes, but by learning from the mistakes we make, correcting them, and proceeding on to new mistakes.

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    Joe Biden told us that under no circumstance would the abandonment of Afghanistan look anything like that of South Vietnam nearly half-a-century ago. Yet in ways it was even worse. Where most South Vietnamese had relatively little or no direct experience with the North Vietnamese before we abandoned them, Afghans knew firsthand what awaited them at the hands of the Taliban. Joe said there would be no scenes of people hanging onto helicopters lifting off from the US embassy. He was right. What we saw was people hanging onto jets taking off, then falling off in midair.

    Considering the Afghanistan development, we harken back to all the scorned comments about New Americans, the illegal immigrants intended to replace you and me as we trundle off to FEMA camps. These New Americans will fill the elites’ need for cheap labor, or cheap subjects for medicine trials. No problem if pandemics or wars take off a third, or half, or more; there’s plenty lined up where they came from, still drawn by the magic of the America of bygone days where dreams could be made real by honest, God-fearing, hard-working men and women. How many years will it take before the truth filters down to the aspiring in other lands, that America was Trojan Horsed by its own leadership?

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    Despite an all out authoritarian fear campaign, to mandate these unproven dangerous gene therapies disguised as vaccines, orchestrated by our corrupt political class, bought off medical industry, Big Tech censorship media outlets, woke mega-corporations, cowardly universities, and left wing fake news propaganda outlets, more than 40% of the population is resisting this tyrannical medical apartheid.

    This past week had a surreal quality as false narrative after false narrative was annihilated by unequivocal facts presented by a minority of truth-seeking bloggers, uncaptured doctors (Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Martin Kuldorff), and a few remaining real journalists (Glenn Greenwald, Tucker Carlson, Alex Berenson, Joe Rogan). The mainstream media and their social media co-conspirators are nothing but highly compensated mouthpieces for the Deep State, Big Pharma, and the billionaire oligarchs calling the shots.

    The resistance is coming from alternative media websites, independent bloggers, and individuals seeking the truth. Online communities of like- minded individuals are the modern-day Committees of Correspondence, as we head towards inevitable conflict. A revolution is in the offing and those trapped in their own cognitive dissonance trance, with a dash of normalcy bias, are going to be shocked out of their self-induced stupor by the suddenness and extreme violence of the push back set in motion by the power elite.

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    Far back in its history, Scotland declared the sport of archery “essential” to the nation, for good reason — defense. Yet in America we could not see small business, the engine that accounts for roughly 75% of our livelihoods and our global influence and that therefore carries this nation on its shoulders, as essential. Why is that? The answer is obvious: It’s not an accident. The people pulling the strings simply hate free enterprise, and especially hate independent small businesses. Their motivation is the following:

    Ideologically, they resent any of us being able to thrive without their approval. They want to dictate who makes it and who doesn’t. That way if you disagree with them, they’ll simply crush you AND your family until you have nothing — until you starve. They prove this intent every day with the cancel culture ethic, and with the “Trump Clause” in the H.R.1 Manifesto Of Fraud (no, wait, they’re calling it the “For The People-Currently-In-Power Act,” aren’t they)…what I call the “Trump Clause” is the H.R.1 clause that tries to dictate that any President will have to completely divest of all private financial interests, AND their entire families divest of all of it too, if the Democrats deem that those interests present ethical conflicts. You know how it would go, with all their own being given passes and all other party’s Presidents being reduced to paupers, such that nobody of means will ever run against them…no one who has made a fortune and who now wants to give the rest of their life to public service will even stand up to them.