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Nebraska Vaxxed Superspreader Infects Family of 5 with Omicron
CRETE, Neb. (KLKN)– Six people in Crete have tested positive for the omicron variant according to the Nebraska Public Health Solutions District.The first case was likely exposed during international travel to Nigeria, returned on November 23rd, and became symptomatic on November 24th. The five remaining cases were likely exposed through household contact with the first case.Only one of the six people was vaccinated. None have required hospitalization.Case investigations and contact tracing are ongoing.
People with allergic conditions including hay fever, asthmas and eczema have an up to 40% lower risk of COVID-19 infection
People with allergic conditions including hay fever, asthmas and eczema have an up to 40% lower risk of COVID-19 infection, study findsA new study looked at more than 16,000 adults in the UK between May 2020 and February 2021People with atopic diseases - such as eczema - as well as hay fever or rhinitis had a 23% lower risk of CovidAsthma sufferers had a 38% lower risk of Covid infection even when using steroid inhalersPatients who were older, male or had other underlying conditions were not at an increased risk of infection
China has the Antibody to neutralize all Covid Variants - Chinese Scientists Claim
Chinese scientists claim to have isolated an antibody which can effectively neutralize all strains of Covid-19, referencing both lab experiments and those performed on a living organism.In a study published on Tuesday, Chinese scientists from a variety of institutions, including Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, suggested that they may have the panacea to the Covid-19 pandemic. The authors claim that monoclonal antibody 35B5 has been shown in both in vitro (laboratory or test-tube experiment) and in vivo (performed on living organism) studies to neutralize wild-type Covid-19 (without mutations) as well as variants of concern (VOCs). The in vivo tests we
Chris Cuomo Will be back in January? Brian Stelter says it's 'possible'
CNN's Brian Stelter says it's 'possible' Chris Cuomo could be BACK in January, after he was suspended 'indefinitely' for advising brother Andrew over sex pest claimsCuomo's co-worker Brian Stelter told CNN's New Day host John Berman that it's 'possible' Prime Time host could be back on the job shortly after the holidays  'We're heading into a holiday season. I think it's possible he will be on the bench for several weeks. It's possible he'll be back in January,' Stelter said Tuesday On Tuesday, CNN announced that Chris Cuomo, 51, was suspended indefinitely, with Anderson Cooper extending his hour-long show to two hours  A CNN spokesperson denied Stelter's timeframe and said there is currentl
Facebook will no longer ban users from searching for Kyle Rittenhouse or praising him
Facebook will no longer ban users from searching for Kyle Rittenhouse or praising him after he was acquitted of killing two Kenosha protesters - reversing the ban put in place two days after the shooting last yearFacebook lifted its restrictions that banned people who praise Kyle Rittenhouse and search for his name, following the teen's recent acquittal on all chargesHowever, Facebook  will continue to remove posts that glorify the deaths involved in the Kenosha shootingThe decision reverses a policy that Facebook put in place two days after the 2020 shootingRittenhouse will also be permitted to rejoin Facebook and other sites owned by its parent company, MetaMeanwhile, Rittenhouse revealed
Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of 'white companies' during the holiday season
Black Lives Matter calls for month-long boycott of 'white companies' during the holiday season to support 'Black Xmas' and end 'White-supremacist-capitalism'The Black Lives Matter movement is calling for supporters to boycott 'white' companies, organizations, and banks for the holiday shopping season'We're dreaming of a #BlackXmas. That means no spending with white companies,' the official Black Xmas website statesBLM claims that 'white-supremacist-capitalism is complicit in the murder of Black people by police'  Black Xmas began on Black Friday and will last until New Years DayThe holiday boycott began in 2014 in response to the police killing of John Crawford, a black man who was fatally s
Pfizer Adverse Event Report - The FDA want 55 years to disclose all EUA Data
As reported by Reuters, "Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data"Freedom of Information Act requests are rarely speedy, but when a group of scientists asked the federal government to share the data it relied upon in licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, the response went beyond typical bureaucratic foot-dragging.As in 55 years beyond.Justice Department lawyers representing the FDA note in court papers that the plaintiffs are seeking a huge amount of vaccine-related material – about 329,000 pages.U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman has set a scheduling conference for December 14 in Fort Worth to consider the timeline for processing the documents.Today 500 pages of
A federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed two patent challenges from Moderna over key components involved in making its COVID-19 vaccine.
A federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed two patent challenges from Moderna over key components involved in making its COVID-19 vaccine.Why it matters: The court's decision to side with Arbutus Biopharma means Arbutus could potentially sue Moderna for patent infringement and demand royalties from Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine, which is expected to generate up to $18 billion of revenue this year.
Finland's first 5-qubit quantum computer is now operational
ESPOO, Finland (November 30th, 2021) Today, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland announced that the country’s first operational 5-qubit quantum computer is up and running. Together with the quantum computing hardware startup IQM, VTT has taken its first steps to enable the building of quantum computers that will be both scalable and easier to manufacture, allowing more companies to begin their quantum computing journey. The incredible computing performance of quantum computers makes it possible to solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of modern high-performance computers. In the future, quantum computers will be used, for instance, to accurately model viruses and drugs or used
EU chief calls for mandatory vaccinations; Germany warned over ICU capacity
The Guardian’s Brussels bureau chief, Daniel Boffey, is at an EU press conference this afternoon.He reports that European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has said mandatory vaccination in the EU should be considered as Europe is desperately battling to control the spread of the Omicron Covid variant.The commission also backed pre-travel PCR tests for travel within and outside the EU.
Nasa says ‘concerning’ 1,000-FOOT asteroid will break into Earth’s orbit in days
NASA has warned that a giant asteroid bigger than the Eiffel Tower will break into Earth's orbit in just over a week.The huge 1,082 foot space rock is heading our way and should skim past us on December 11.
Federal Judge Rejects Pentagon's Claim That Pfizer EUA and Comirnaty Vaccines Are ‘Interchangeable'
A federal district court judge rejected a claim by the U.S. Department of Defense that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine being administered under Emergency Use Authorization is interchangeable with Pfizer’s fully licensed Comirnaty vaccine.However, the judge’s acknowledgment that “the DOD cannot mandate vaccines that only have an EUA” is significant for two reasons.One reason pertains to the difference in ingredients and manufacturing process between Pfizer’s EUA vaccine and the approved Comirnaty vaccine, and the other pertains to the legal difference between a fully licensed vaccine and an EUA vaccine.The latter reason would apply not just to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, but also to the
The omicron COVID variant magically increases Fauci's megalomania
Anthony Fauci is a disturbed and disturbing man.  An unelected bureaucrat who is consistently wrong about things (going back to AIDS), who used taxpayer money to help develop the COVID that plagues us, and who has funded indescribably cruel animal research, he is threatening to shut America down again, throwing mud at elected officials, and anointing himself as the embodiment of "science" in America.  Never in American history has a megalomaniac had so much power and been so destructive.Judging by the numbers of diagnoses and deaths in South Africa, the omicron variant seems unexciting.  As is typical for viruses when they hang around humans, they get more contagious but less severe over tim
Omicron variant was detected in the Netherlands before South Africa flights
The Covid-19 Omicron variant was detected in the Netherlands before two flights arrived from South Africa last week carrying the virus, Dutch health officials said on Tuesday.At least 14 people on flights from Johannesburg and Capetown arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on November 26 carrying the new variant, the National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) said.“We have found the Omicron coronavirus variant in two test samples that were taken on November 19 and November 23,” the RIVM said. “It is not clear yet whether these people have visited Southern Africa.”#Omicron #variant #Netherlands
Canada Unvaccinated travellers barred from planes and trains as of today
OTTAWA -- Unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 won't be able to board a plane or train in Canada beginning today, and a negative COVID-19 test will no longer serve as a substitute for most people.The policy came into effect on Oct. 30, but the federal government allowed a short transition period for unvaccinated travellers who could board as long as they provided a negative molecular COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before their trip.The stringent new requirement comes into effect as Canada reacts to the emergence of the new, highly mutated Omicron variant of COVID-19.
South Africa asked Pfizer Inc. and Johnson & Johnson to suspend delivery of Covid-19 vaccines - Omicron variant
South Africa asked Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer Inc. to suspend delivery of Covid-19 vaccines as it now has enough stock, an illustration of how plunging demand is undermining the country’s rollout ahead of a potential fourth wave of infections.  Africa’s most developed economy has fully protected just 35% of adults, more than six months after doses were first made available to the public. About 120,000 people received shots on Tuesday, less than half the daily peak.“We have over 16 million doses in country, or more than 150 days at present consumption,” Nicholas Crisp, deputy director-general of the Department of Health, said by text message Wednesday. “It makes no sense to stockpile an
'De-vaccination' is medically impossible, you can’t remove a vaccine from your body once it is administered
As reported by The Insider the "de-vaccination" movement is spreading in Telegram groups with thousands of members, as well as other fringe platforms used by extremists.Let's be clear here you can’t remove a vaccine from your body once it is administered, through detox baths, transfusion, cupping or any other method. It's not going to happen, once it's in it is in for good.The Insider:People promoting the toxic bleach chlorine dioxide as a miracle cure have reached a vast new audience during the pandemic, claiming it can cure or prevent the disease (it cannot). Some of those people now also advocate it as part of a "de-vaccination" treatment. De-vaccination conspiracy theories have been spre
How did 10% of passengers to Holland from South Africa arrive with Covid when they all had NEGATIVE tests?
How did 10% of passengers to Holland from South Africa arrive with Covid when they all had NEGATIVE tests? Alarm as suspected cases of Omicron are reported in Germany, Australia and Czech Republic alongside confirmed UK and Belgium casesAround 600 passengers arrived on two planes in Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, from Johannesburg  yesterdayPassengers have been put in quarantine hotels while authorities investigate whether they have been infectedCountries across Europe closed their borders to countries in southern Africa yesterday to combat the variantIt raises the prospect that tests are not being performed correctly for travellers in South Africa, fraudulent tests are being provided or latera
Everything we know about the new Omicron  B.1.1.529 COVID variant
Since early in the COVID pandemic, the Network for Genomics Surveillance in South Africa has been monitoring changes in SARS-CoV-2. This was a valuable tool to understand better how the virus spread. In late 2020, the network detected a new virus lineage, 501Y.V2, which later became known as the beta variant. Now a new SARS-CoV-2 variant has been identified, known as B.1.1.529.Hunting for variants requires a concerted effort. South Africa and the UK were the first big countries to implement nationwide genomic surveillance efforts for SARS-CoV-2 as early as April 2020.Variant hunting, as exciting as that sounds, is performed through whole genome sequencing of samples that have tested positive
South Africa Says Omicron Variant Causes 'Mild Disease'
JOHANNESBURG  - The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus results in mild disease, without prominent syndromes, Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association, said on on Saturday."It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home", Coetzee said'The official noted that hospitals have not been overburdened by Omicron patientsand that the new strain is not been detected in vaccinated persons. At the same t