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StreetLoc Launches Paid Group Subscriptions

StreetLoc has just rolled out an update that enables group creators and admins to set up  Private Groups with paid access. This provides you with a quick way to establish a for-profit online community without having to leave StreetLoc.

StreetLoc group subscriptions enable you to offer exclusive content such as videos, tutorials, shoutouts, behind the scenes access, and more. 

Group Subscriptions are initially only available to "Premium Members" meaning you will need to upgrade your membership to access this feature. 

It’s up to you how much you want to charge your supporters. 

Subscription Services will be rolled out to all Events, Pages and Profiles in the near future.

In future to qualify for this monetization feature, you need an existing page with:

  • At least 10,000 followers, or
  • Over 250 return viewers with at least 50,000 post engagements 

Your page must comply with StreetLoc’s partner monetization policies. 

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    • This is awesome, StreetLoc has always been the best alternative to Facebook.

      • StreetLoc is so fast compared to other platforms. 

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