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Russia's future: empire and "complete" self-sufficiency.

Russia's future: empire and "complete" self-sufficiency.

In light of the Russian Special Military Operation in the Ukraine it became more and more clear that globalism is finished and only powerful sovereign nations will be able to survive in the 21st century, as president Putin stated recently.

Russia's role in the new geopolitical arena is going to become increasingly important exactly because Russia has sovereignty (very few countries can take decisions based entirely on their national interests instead of abiding by the diktats of the US and supranational institutions, Russia is one of them) and most importantly has enough resources to be almost completely self-sufficient, in details:

  • Russia has enough oil and gas for hundreds of years, taking into account a reduction of the exports, both for households and industries
  • Russia has the larger fresh water reservoirs in the world (Lake Baikal for example)
  • Russia has enough uranium and plutonium to fuel its nuclear power plants for centuries
  • Russia has unlimited supply of iron, aluminium and titanium for its military industry (they are always necessary for weapons, ammunitions and carriers, as they cannot be replaced)
  • Russia has lot of gold and silver for its industries but also as key commodities (real money) in a world where Fiat currencies are destined to collapse in value due to enormous debts that cannot be repaid
  • Russia has large fields of corn, wheat and soy to feed its entire population without problems. What's important is to strengthen industries, have more and more top quality scientists and create an integrated system where all sectors prioritize Russian internal growth/expansion rather than trying to export stuff facing unlimited hurdles.

The idea a strong Russia cannot be fully self-sufficient is just liberal/globalist propaganda but the Russian govt has to do whatever it takes to shift to this new model.

PS.: Russia will need some help from friends abroad in technology sector but it has 90% of the components needed to produce a chip for example, it just needs the Know-how and to set up dedicated companies.

WEF controlled EU countries have far less resources than Russia even if the totalitarian EU becomes a unitary state which, judging from latest differences, looks increasingly like a globalist utopia.

Moscow has all the cards to be on par with the US but two other pillars of this process are population growth (Russia needs 200 mln people at least, current 152 mln are not enough, so support for families must be further enhanced) and it must fully reject the climate change fanaticism.

So what about empire? That's obviously needed in a situation where adding new territories can compensate the losses caused by reduction of exports, because otherwise Russia doesn't need more territory normally as it is already huge, it becomes important when facing an existential threat like NATO which must be pushed as far away as possible from the Russian border and as a form of compensation, when you gain a new territory you also gain all its resources which then become automatically unavailable to the enemy, in this optics the Ukrainian wheat fields must be all liberated and become full-fledged Russian territory.

So the new "Russian empire" must include 80% of what's left of the Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus in the West, must expel NATO from the Caucasus and the Black Sea, needs to be the centre of a new union with all of the Central Asian states, a sort of Eurasian Economic Union + CSTO on steroids.

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