Facebook KNOWS Instagram is Toxic for Young Girls

Facebook KNOWS Instagram is toxic for young girls: Leaked internal research reports reveal one in three girls blamed the app for body image issues getting worse and 6% said they wanted to kill themselves because of it

  • Internal research told Facebook in March 2020 that 32% of girls said Instagram made their body insecurities worse 
  • In 2019, one internal post on a message board at Facebook read: 'We make body image issues worse for one in three teen girls'
  • The research revealed that among suicidal teens, 13% of British and 6% of Americans said they blamed suicidal ideations on Instagram 
  • Parents and politicians on Tuesday reacted angrily to the research 
  • Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey said he'll be 'demanding answers' from Zuckerberg 
  • The social media giant doesn't have any checks in place for age restrictions beyond asking the user to state their age 
  • It has an array of image-enhancing filters and features in almost all functions 
  • Photo-shopped images are not flagged as such but political posts or paid ads are


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    • You dont REALLY think ZuckerFaggot cares Do Ya.....?

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      • Nope he has made his billions, now anyone with power can do anything they like  to all the people on Facebook

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