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StreetLoc is now Available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad

Please take the app for a test drive and let us know what you think. 

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StreetLoc is a Facebook styled Social Media Platform, we are not an Adult-Day-Care, managed by woke kids.
Designed for Family, Friends, Events, Groups, Businesses and People.JOIN NOW

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Comments (6)
    • Whooha, I'm downloading it right away

        • This is really cool, so happy to see a Social Media Network that does not collect data from its users...

          • Congrats to everyone involved in making this happen for Apple users!!

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            • I am so thrilled over the Apple iOS App release!!!! Leaving this comment via the app!

              Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

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              • Thank you Heather Lohse we are extremely happy to eventually have received placement in the Apple App Store.  

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