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Notifications System Update

StreetLoc has enhanced our Notification System to give you more control over what you receive from us and how you receive those notifications. 

We know that every ping your phone emits is another distraction, one that can take several minutes to recover from. This is why we are striving to give you full control over your notifications.

In general, notifications work much the same as they did in the past, with the exception that we have added enhanced granular control across the entire platform and categorized by delivery method:

You now have control over all system generated notifications, so if you are seeing a notification you do not like. Simply head over to your notification panel, select the delivery method and then toggle the notification on or off to suit your needs. 

Warning Symbol in Notifications

If you come across a blue triangle with an exclamation mark in your notifications panel, it means this notification item requires your attention, simply toggle the notification off and/or on to your desired setting and refresh the page, this will reset the notification to your choice.


Mobile Notifications

StreetLoc has enhanced notifications to interact with your phone, settings applied on your phone automatically apply to the StreetLoc mobile app, you can mange notification settings for your phone as a whole, or on a per app basis, StreetLoc notifications settings then apply to the StreetLoc App on your phone. 

Updated Mobile Apps have been submitted to the App Stores and should be released shortly. 

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