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It really doesn't matter who the Democrats put up as their candidate, Republicans won't win

President Joe Biden and US Vice President Kamala Harris announced that they are going to run for reelection in 2024 on April 25, to the elation of some and the bafflement of others.

In the tweet announcing his latest presidential run, Biden said he is doing so because he believes that "every generation has a moment where they have had to stand up for democracy" and "their fundamental freedoms," and urged his supporters to join him to “finish the job.”

James George Jatras, retired US diplomat and adviser to the US Senate Republican leadership, did not seem particularly impressed by the POTUS’ move, telling Sputnik that Biden is merely a “placeholder” and a “face for a deep state conglomerate that is essentially running the country.”

“We've got to the point where it really doesn't matter who the Democrats put up as their candidate, it would be very difficult for any Republican candidate to win,” Jatras remarked.

He also remarked that, despite the Biden administration being saddled with quite a bit of economic and internal policy problems, the “very high proportion of Americans are simply not able to understand” what is really going on in the US and in the world, thanks to the “very managed legacy media here in the United States.”

“So they basically think, it's all the Russians fault or it's all Trump's fault or maybe if they're getting some money sent to them from the government a certain way that's all they really care about,” Jatras elaborated. “I don't think that's a majority of the population, but a sufficient minority of the population, that provides the basis for the Democrats to be able to pull out a victory.”

Regarding the prospects of the Democratic Party in the upcoming presidential election, Jatras simply remarked that “that's more than just the question of who counts the votes,” but also the "voting procedures, the media, the social media and everything else where it seems that the Democrats have mastered the art of political technology.”

“Especially in a presidential election, we don't have a single national election as long as you can win several key states,” he added. “And the way you win those key states is to win several big cities in those states, you're going to win the election. And given that the Democrats have virtually free rein to pack the votes in several major American cities, I think it's very hard to see how they lose.”


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