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Garmin Forums a Concentration Camp of Oppinions

It is one thing to inform me that a comment I made offended someone and ask me to only post kind, polite comments about your products. It is EXTREME to tell me you will be deleting my account based on a SINGLE comment that you did not like and to assist I file an appeal to defend myself. It says a lot about Garmin. 

If you want to delete my account for account for stating that Garmin Employees should be proactivly managing issues reported by your end users and not telling the enduser to go report the fault elsewhere, it means the problem inside Garmin is systemic and it will go a long way to explaining some of the weird glitches in your watch OS software that do not get addressed. I guess that if it's more important for Garmin to delete users accounts than it is for Garmin to take constructive criticism and use it to improve then going forward we are going to see way more bugs in your production software.

Here is what your employee said, sadly the employee appears not to care if the software goes into production with bugs: 

"Garmin-Laurie 3 days ago

Hello G**z L****r 0*****s G******L 7*****9

I am sorry to hear you are having this concern with the latest BETA software release. If you have not already, you will want to report this issue in our Beta Bug thread, so our engineers can keep track of this. Even though the BETA phase is nearly the final full software release, if your examples are reported our engineers can hopefully address this before the official release that is coming soon. BETA Bug Forum"

My reply (Paraphrased as you have deleted my original comment from the forums): 

"This comment by indicates all that is wrong in corporates today. Garmin-Laurie step-up and take responsibility for the products your company produces, report these issues yourself"

Should you decide to delete my account I will wish you all the best in the future and I will return my close to a $1,000 Epix that can't play music (it cuts out continuously. Maybe I reported this issue to the wrong place in the forums or to one of your less than proactive staff members, so it must be my fault that a $1,000 watch can't play music out of the box.) and has not been able to play music since day one, I will happily go back to the apple ecosystem where the enduser experience is key to their business. 

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