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America the last bastion of the free ?

I am an Australian yet I support why many ask.

When I was younger, I lived in a free christian country (Australia). 

Now it has eroded, they censor us; they tell us what we can and cannot do, sharia law is in some suburbs of the big cities and heaven forbid you are a white Male. They treat you as if all the world's problems are your fault.

I was spat on last week at the shops for wearing a MAGA shirt a US friend had sent me. Even though on camera the police would do nothing.

I see America as the last bastion of freedom in this world and it too is eroding.

Yes, my biological father (whom I have never met nor does he want to meet me) is from the US and I have 3 half brother’s that live in the US. That, however, had little effect on my decision to do my part.

I see a world that is burning being turned to one world government. With the ruling elite at the top with the rest of us under their heel. Obeying their rules and their values and religions.

I am a Christian, and I pray for the world daily and the American people, that their eyes be opened to the false news over there.

Anyway, that’s the basics of why I am here helping.

I am also a recovering addict 19 years clean and am happy to chat to anyone that needs help in this area.

Troy Lawson

AKA drixton.chysomer (Gmail / You Tube) @troylawson5 (twitter)

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