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Hi all Laura and I are now Married.

I will be back online next week.

Reposted Miska Simpson 🧨's news.

New York Police Department released three photos of the third teenage suspect in the grisly stabbing murder of Tessa Majors on Friday 

A massive manhunt is underway for the unnamed 14-year-old fugitiveHe is believed to be the one who stabbed the Barnard College student in Manhattan's Morningside Park on December 11 in a robbery turned deadly

For the Angel mom's Tootz sweet wrote this and it is amazing.

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Reposted Miska Simpson 🧨's post.

Another Boeing flop. Boeing launched a Starliner to the space station today on an Atals V rocket, it won’t get there.

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One of South Africa’s best travel magazines is begging the President to save South Africa from crime.

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The president is spreading a message.

Reposted Miska Simpson 🧨's news.

Contained within Monday's FISA report by the DOJ Inspector General is the revelation that Fusion GPS, was paid by the Clinton campaign to produce the Steele dossier, " and discuss his reporting with the media." (P. 369and elsewhere)

On September of 2016, roughly six weeks before the election. One of the more damaging articles to result from these meetings was authored by Yahoo Newsjournalist Michael Isikoff, who said in an interview that he was invited by Fusion GPS to meet a "secret source" at a Washington restaurant.

That secret source was none other than Christopher Steele, a former MI-6 Russia expert who fed the Isikoff information for a September 23, 2016 article - which would have had far greater reach and impact coming from such a widely-read media outlet vs. $100,000 in Russian-bought Facebook ads.

This allegaton was found by special counsel Robert Mueller report to be false. Moreover, the FBI knew about it in December, 2016, when DOJ #4 Bruce Ohr told the agency as much.

Will Republicans now impeach Hillary Clinton, making the Clintons the first husband and wife team to be impeached in America?

Reposted unknown's news.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is giving it another go, launching a FIFTH campaign for the White House four years after surprising the nation with a shock loss to Donald Trump.

Clinton announced on Sunday that she would seek the presidency for a fifth time, immediately establishing herself as the likely 2020 Democratic nominee in a crowded Democrat field. 

Hillary Clinton named Alyssa Milano of California to be her running mate Friday, selecting a activist-actor politician with no-working-class roots and zero fluency in Spanish, traits that she believes can bolster her chances to defeat Donald J. Trump.

Mrs. Clinton’s choice, which she announced via text message to supporters, came after her advisers spent months poring over potential vice-presidential candidates who could lift the Democratic ticket in an unpredictable race against Mr. Trump.

“I’m running for president,” Clinton said with a smile near the end of a two-minute video released just after 3 p.m.

“Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to be that champion,” Mrs. Clinton said. “So I’m hitting the road with Alyssa to earn your vote — because it’s your time. And I hope you’ll join me on this journey.”

She will embark on her latest — and perhaps last — bid for the White House with nearly universal name recognition and a strong base of support, particularly among women. But in a campaign that will inevitably be about the future, Mrs. Clinton, 70, enters as a quintessential baby boomer, associated with the 1990s and with the drama of the Bill Clinton years.

Reposted Miska Simpson 🧨's news.

Greta Thunberg the teen that should be in school and not on the world stage threatening to put world leaders "up against the wall" would like you to believe that she is slumming it on public transport.

Germany's state railway company kindly reminded her that she actually had a seat in First Class. 

The company Tweeted: "Dear , thank you for supporting our railway in the fight against climate change! We are happy that you travelled with us in the ICE 174. And that with 100 percent eco electricity. It would have been even better if you had also mentioned how friendly and competent the team looked after you in your seat in First Class."  

Hopefully Greta will now be going back to school.