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🇮🇷Iran Wins Judgement against the U.S. Biden Administration in Int Court of Justice

🔸Honestly, when I recently heard about the US unfreezing some Iranian assets I thought "well, apparently some kind of swap deal went through".

🔸How surprised I was when I found out that, as it turns out, Iran won against the US in the UN court, which ruled the asset freeze illegal. What is most interesting is that Iran was also awarded compensation.

🔸In my opinion, this is called a precedent. And I insist on what I wrote here. Whether or not the assets of our companies have been taken away, the countermeasures must be such that they cannot be stung by a mosquito. Only from the outside it may seem that everything is going to hell, but lo and behold, even the international court is working.

🔸By the way, it is funny that the reference in the court decision is to the fact that the U.S. violated the "Treaty of Friendship, Economic Relations and Consular Rights, signed in Tehran on August 15, 1955."

On 14 June 2016, the Islamic Republic of Iran filed an Application instituting proceedings against the United States of America with regard to a dispute concerning 

“the adoption by the USA of a series of measures that, in violation of the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights signed at Tehran on 15 August 1955 (the “Treaty of Amity”), . . . have had, and/or are having a serious adverse impact upon the ability of Iran and of Iranian companies (including Iranian State-owned companies) to exercise their rights to control and enjoy their property, including property located outside the territory of Iran/within the territory of the USA”. 

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