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Unknown Group using website Qofficial.net, Fourthwall.com and Google to Profile Visitors - No One can stop what's coming

An unknown individual or group is using Qanon, Fourthwall.com and Google to build a visitors profile by offering a website called https://qofficial.net/ The website went live last week offering the popular Qanon tagline of "Nothing can stop what is coming..."  and has subsequently been shared across the internet. The countdown that was due to expire today has been extended for another 30 hours.

The only question's you should be asking is who is running this website and why?

A quick look at the website code shows that the site is built using Fourthwall.com a company that offers their clients the opportunity to "Build your brand. On your terms. Join over 20,000 creators that use Fourthwall to power their shops and memberships."

It goes on to say it's: "The all-in-one monetization platform for creators. Fourthwall makes it easy to create homepages, shops, and memberships your community will love"

They did not stop at just using Forthwall to create a profile of website visitors. The website has included Google tracking code to further profile users. The google code is often used to build online advertising lists and visitor analytics.

The Google account associated with this tracking code used property ID: GTM-PV2BBNN

Unfortunately for privacy reasons there is no way to determine who owns or has access to a Tag Manager property by reviewing the property ID.

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