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Tibet is known for its beautiful mountain vistas, friendly people, and unique culture. A Tibet tour is a great way to experience all of these things.Tibet tours usually include stops in the capital city of Lhasa, as well as visits to monasteries and temples, including the famous Potala Palace. You'll also get to experience a variety of local festivals, from traditional prayer ceremonies to nomadic horse festivals. You can also take stunning hikes through some of Tibet's most stunning landscapes, including the mystical Mount Kailash.Depending on the tour package you choose, you could also get to explore some of Tibet's most famous sites, such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the highest railway in the world, and Lake Namtso, the largest saltwater lake in Tibet. Most tour operators offer trips to Tibet as part of a wider tour package including other areas of China. These tours often include stops in Beijing and Shanghai,Chengdu, as well as cruises on the mighty Yangtze river. 

If you're considering a Tibet tour, make sure to book with a reputable company and read up about the region before you leave. You should also make sure to factor in the high altitude of the region, and plan for acclimatization breaks.

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