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Pierre Poilievre & Anaida! Net Worth - The leader of the Conservative Party of Canada

Current Name: Pierre Marcel Poilievre (Adoptive Name)

Birth Name: Pierre Martineau (Original birth name, Surname is biological mothers maiden name, and the mother gave him the same first name as his biological father).

Age: 44

Who are his biological parents?

His biological mother was 16 years old at the time of his birth and was forced to give up the child for adoption due to the situations surrounding the pregnancy. Rumors have it that the biological mother (a 15 year old girl at the time) was having an ongoing affair with a very prominent Canadian politician, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (who was known to be having many affairs with young women during his time in office). While it seems shocking to many right now, you have to remember that the official age of consent in Canada at the time was 14 years of age. Rumors also claim the biological mother wanted to keep the baby but that it was Pierre Trudeau who pushed for her to place him up for adoption. Which was common at the time for teen pregnancies (especially ones involving affairs with married men).

So wait, does that mean Pierre Trudeau is his biological father?

According to rumors, apparently so. Pierre Poilievre is Justin Trudeau's half-brother.

Who are his adoptive parents? 

It is claimed that his adoptive parents are just simple folks, just public school teachers. But that is far from the truth. Rumors claim that Pierre Trudeau didnt want any sort of publicity regarding the affair and the pregnancy, so some strings were pulled and he was able to get the Poilievre's (people he knew and could trust) to adopt the baby and to make sure no one would do any background digging into the childs biological origins. There are many stories surrounding the adoptive parents (the Poilievre's) and their connections to various Canadian organizations and corporations, such as Magna International.

His adoptive parents divorced when he was younger and later his adoptive father came out as a homosexual man.

Nickname: "Skippy" (His nickname in Parliament since the late 2000's)

Why the nickname?: MP's and staffers gave him the nickname because he skipped nearly all important meetings and appointments. It became a running gag in Parliament and people began using the nickname "Skippy" to refer to anyone who missed a meeting or an appointment. They would tell interns and new staffers to "dont pull a Skippy" and "dont be like Skippy". Eventually his reputation of not being reliable stuck with him for a long time as an MP.

What year was he first elected into politics?: 2003-2004

Career before politics: None.

He is a career politician. He has never held any other job, ever. At 17 years of age he became a delegate in the Reform Party of Canada. During his time as university student he had written a few articles for the university paper, but most of his extracurricular activities involved embedding himself into as many conservative and PC clubs at the time.

Also during his university days he became tied to Ezra Levant (of Rebel News) and several sitting and former cabinet ministers. Questions began to swirl at the time that the young Pierre was in fact being groomed to become an MP and potentially as a puppet Prime Minister.

NET Worth: Estimated to be between $10 million - $25 million.

Wait, how can he have that much if he has been a career politician his whole life and never worked..

Good question. A sitting MP's salary was $135,000 back when he was first elected. And MP's now make $202,000/year. With that tax bracket, nearly 40%-50% of the salary would be lost to income taxes. That means at most he would only have made approximately $1.8 million in take home earnings his whole time as an MP. And since lobbying is a highly regulated sector in Canada (which requires all MP's to legally and publicly disclose money received from lobbyists and organizations) it fails to explain the source of his wealth. We know his mommy and daddy couldn't have given him the millions, since they are supposedly just regular public school teachers and nothing more. 

So, where did the millions come from? Is his wife rich or from a rich family?

His wife is an immigrant from Venezuela.

Anaida Galindo (Anaida Poilievre)

Not much is known about his wife's background origins. Rumors claim her father had dealings with cartels in Venezuela when he was a bank manager and that they fled to Canada when business dealings with the cartels fell apart. How much of that is true, I dont think we'll ever know. What is known is that she worked as a staffer in the Canadian Senate and Parliament holding roles such as Parliamentary Affairs Advisor. There are some rumors stating she had financial ties to a company in Canada that won government contracts for COVID testing, but she had denied that claim and no one could prove it since it was a privately held company.

PS - She really gets mad if you ask Pierre about his involvement in the WEF.

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